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AdVenture Capitalist Review by jacob jones




Ad cap

Free game with buying options

AdVenture Capitalist is a money making the game you have to buy up ads.
There are events that they have every great once in they had the Olympic games on the game with some nice tunes going on in the background.The places in the game are called worlds like the moon,mars,earth each one has their own style of play. Each level has their own on unlockables you can use gold,angels,mega bucks ect.this time they have the back in time mode where you can skip time by selecting the bug then you would have to hit the button to speed up time.the game is really easy to play.a tip if it’s your first time playing the game.what I did when I started off is I tried to play it and beat it. but no avail I had to use some of my angels to help along the game with some of the upgrades. After a week I got better at it then I went to mars the same thing goes on that planet and the moon is the same way as well.

Cheers Jacob

Slash mobs Review by jacob jones

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Slash mobs

Free with paid add-ons


In this game, you will have to beat up a lot of monsters and level up to get to be a master
Of this game. How you master the game you have a lot of monster friends you have a lot to pick from some are human some are demons and you have kings in this will take the time to get up to the highest lv.but there is a thing called prestige.what that does it lets you continue the game from the beginning of the game with all of your shards and all of your skills intact every time you prestige you start out with all you had before but you will lose all of your levels,gold. This game has boss battles they will get harder and harder that’s where the monster friends come into play and with your abilities that your character has. He has a rage move that lasts for 10 seconds that acts like a berserk mode. You have weapons to pick from like the sword you start off with.but you will have to buy them or get them from the random chest that pops up from boss battles.and chests have stuff hidden in them like gold,shards,gems,hats,weapons all of these items will help you out to get to lv600 to prestige after that keep going whoop some $&@.

Cheers Jacob

Sim City 2013

1024 x 768_0Sim City 2013 comes out March 5th in the US and March 7th in Australia but I was able to sneak into a 5 hour preview this week and holly simulations Batman is this an incredible game.

Obviously any one who has played Sim City in the past knows that 5 hours flies by in a blink of an eye. For the un-initiated Sim City is at it’s very basic core a city simulator where you get to play Mayor. But this version with the new GlassBox engine makes every past iteration feel like you are playing a spreadsheet vs running a simulation.

Now the streets and roads are the backbone of your city, and are a requirement in order to add buildings, parks, zones, etc. And that backbone is how different ‘agents’ travel along in the city. “Agents” can represent Sim Citizens, Electricity, Garbage/Swear, Water, Products/Goods, etc. And each agent has a goal to achieve and you can actually watch it travel along the city as it does it’s job.

University 1024 x 768_0In the past if the game realized there would be a traffic jam based on number of a given area it would show an animation to represent a traffic jam, and now you actually see the traffic jam as the different Sims get caught up in the traffic while traveling their route.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg to how different this new version of Sim City is. There are finite resources available, and while you may have a smaller area per city, its depth of simulation looks incredibly deep. The charts, graphics and data visualization is a stat-nerds dream come true!

Another nice touch are the customizations that you can do to different buildings, instead of every Police, Firehouse, or Civil Building looking the same, you get a basic building to start and from there you can customize the different ‘add-on’ modules. For the Police it would be more patrol cars, or jail space. Hospitals have the option of adding more patient rooms and ambulances etc.

Casino City - 1024 x 768_0Social is something new in this reboot, not only offering the ability for cities to work together but for Mayor to actually be able to pick up cities that get left abandoned by other players.

Of course this new social/multi-player feature comes at a cost that no other Sim City has had in the past. An always on internet connection. Due to the nature of Sim Cities new structure and world economy it is reliant on getting data to and from the internet constantly. Which unfortunately means no game play for me on those days when I’m traveling which is a real bummer because nothing kills a few hours like loading up Sim City and traveling into it’s virtual world.

All in all I’m VERY excited about this release and if you don’t hear from me by the 10th you may need to send in a rescue team.

Bily Foster – That iPad Guy.

Spider the Secret of Bryce Manor HD

When I first saw it, I was thinking it was the Spider Solitary game, and then I realized oh no, it’s actually a spider game. Well I really don’t like spiders, not even little animated ones, but the game was editors choice so I though I might as well check it out, and boy am I glad I did!

It’s a little cute little puzzle game by Tiger Style Productions based on “You are a spider, and you spin web with your finger on the screen and you eat flies.”

And that basic premiss makes for a really run game where you get to play a spider hoping around spinning webs to catch the flys. Simply swipe to jump, to lay a line tap the spider and the jump. Once you close it in you create a web that will hopefully be placed properly that the flies in the area will fly into it, so you can then go gobble them up.

The game mechanics work very well and I haven’t found any real time pressure in the first few levels that I’ve played so far. So it’s nice an casual, and very easy to pick up. I can see me being stuck in a line somewhere and pulling out the game to play a level or two.

There is a deeper story in the game. I haven’t gotten to dive into due to the limited time offer I wanted to get this out there for you as quick as possible. Spider is available on iOS in the App Store and is FREE for a limited time!

Bily Foster – That iPad Guy

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