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Slash mobs

Free with paid add-ons


In this game, you will have to beat up a lot of monsters and level up to get to be a master
Of this game. How you master the game you have a lot of monster friends you have a lot to pick from some are human some are demons and you have kings in this game.it will take the time to get up to the highest lv.but there is a thing called prestige.what that does it lets you continue the game from the beginning of the game with all of your shards and all of your skills intact every time you prestige you start out with all you had before but you will lose all of your levels,gold. This game has boss battles they will get harder and harder that’s where the monster friends come into play and with your abilities that your character has. He has a rage move that lasts for 10 seconds that acts like a berserk mode. You have weapons to pick from like the sword you start off with.but you will have to buy them or get them from the random chest that pops up from boss battles.and chests have stuff hidden in them like gold,shards,gems,hats,weapons all of these items will help you out to get to lv600 to prestige after that keep going whoop some $&@.

Cheers Jacob