Ad cap

Free game with buying options

AdVenture Capitalist is a money making the game you have to buy up ads.
There are events that they have every great once in awhile.like they had the Olympic games on the game with some nice tunes going on in the background.The places in the game are called worlds like the moon,mars,earth each one has their own style of play. Each level has their own on unlockables you can use gold,angels,mega bucks ect.this time they have the back in time mode where you can skip time by selecting the bug then you would have to hit the button to speed up time.the game is really easy to play.a tip if it’s your first time playing the game.what I did when I started off is I tried to play it and beat it. but no avail I had to use some of my angels to help along the game with some of the upgrades. After a week I got better at it then I went to mars the same thing goes on that planet and the moon is the same way as well.

Cheers Jacob