What’s inside the July issue of Foxtel magazine?

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Retirement can be a daunting prospect for
professional athletes, but for this month’s
Foxtel magazine cover stars – former
players Nick Riewoldt, Justin Hodges and
George Gregan – they’ve discovered that
life behind the microphone at FOX SPORTS
allows them to continue to indulge their
passion for the games they love and once
excelled at: AFL, NRL and Rugby Union.
● For Hodges breaking out in sweats was
part of the new gig as he found his feet off the
footy field and in the studio.
“I never thought I’d [end up] doing media
as I always found it a bit hard, being shy to
talk on-camera,” he says. “It was very nerveracking
at first. With so many people watching
you, there’s no room for error. I remember in
the first few months I was nervous when that
red light came on. I’d break out in sweats.
Sometimes I still get nervous, especially
when doing live crosses… [but] I’m always
asking questions and watching different
sports shows. I keep a close eye on the
American shows to get an idea on how they
talk and act.”
● On retirement, the trio says there are pros
and cons to hanging up their boots.
Riewoldt says: “I enjoy not feeling anxious
on game day and, in particular, not taking the
game home with me.” Hodges weighs in:
“Some days you miss it, like when there’s a
big game with a big crowd and you want to
be there. But then you think about not waking
up sore and not training on Monday.” As for
Gregan: “There are things you can’t do when
playing professionally … you have to sacrifice
things and say no.”
Former Penrith Panthers great and
FOX LEAGUE analyst, Greg Alexander, and
one of his biggest fans – motorsport ace
James Courtney – united for the first time
for an exclusive photo shoot with Foxtel
magazine. Both hailing from Penrith in
Sydney’s west, the pair spoke about the
similar humble beginnings that has led to
their professional greatness.
● While Courtney watched Alexander
– whose 265-game first-grade rugby league
career includes leading the Panthers to the
1991 premiership – as a kid, their admiration
is mutual.
“I’ve always known [Courtney] was a Penrith
boy, so [I] feel there is a connection there,”
Alexander says. “It feels strange, both Penrith
boys sitting here … doing a photo shoot!”
“I enjoy not feeling anxious on game day!”
Behind-the-scenes: life as a Fox Sports commentator.