Toy blast

Free app with paid options

Made by Peak Games


This game is a puzzle game that you have to match 2 or more blocks together to make a match. There are power-ups like the TNT which will blow up a 2 by 2 field.

You have the rockets that blow up left to right on the screen.there is over 800 levels there is a lot of fun aspects of the game. There is the drill that takes out one block anywhere on the playing field. And there is a train that takes out 3 rows left to right. that’s all I know about the power ups they only give 3 to you so you can try out the power-ups. The rest of them you will have to buy and they do have sales going on at random times of the you can buy hearts. if you run out they only give you 5 to start out with. Or you can wait 24 hours to get it all back or pay .99 cents to get more lives. The game uses coins to restart the game if you run out of moves. but if you run out of coins you have to restart the level you were on. But you can connect it to facebook and whoop some major a$$ on your friends via facebook and on ios.


cheers Jacob