Media Release: Monday, March 23, 2015

Foxtel’s new set-top box to redefine how TV lovers enjoy entertainment

Foxtel today announced that its hotly anticipated iQ3 set-top box is now available to new and current subscribers. iQ3 is designed to deliver customers an ultimate TV experience with revolutionary new features including the ability to ‘Start Over’^~ from any point in a program’s broadcast at the touch of a button, view intelligent search and recommendations, and easily access on demand ‘Anytime’^ programming. The iQ3 features a cutting edge user interface and WiFi internet connectivity all wrapped up in an elegant hardware design that makes iQ3 the perfect centrepiece for today’s digital living rooms.

Richard Freudenstein, Foxtel CEO, said, “After delighting a nation of TV lovers with our unbeatable pricing and packaging and innovative ways to enjoy TV live and on demand, we’re thrilled to introduce the Foxtel iQ3, our smartest, most powerful set top box, ever. iQ3 represents a revolutionary step forward for Australian TV viewers that brings with it exciting new ways to search, discover and experience the shows they’re passionate about.”

The Foxtel iQ3 is available starting today for $125* plus $25* for a self-installation kit; or $125* plus $75* for installation by a Foxtel technician. Current customers can upgrade via My Account or call Foxtel on 131 999 and request an upgrade and arrange payment, while new customers can pay for and receive an iQ3 as part of their subscription when they sign up.

The iQ3 incorporates Foxtel, Free-to-air and the latest rentals all in one place. iQ3 has the ability to record up to three TV shows at once while watching a fourth show live and boasts a generous 1 terabyte hard drive offering up to 172 hours of HD recording or up to 345 hours of SD recording allowing an even greater library of recordings for Foxtel’s customers.

iQ3 makes it easier than ever for customers to find their favourite programs or to discover something new through its transformative search and recommendation features. In addition to ample recording space, viewers can also choose from Suggested# programs, recommended based on household viewing patterns; Trending#+ programs, which offers up popular shows that are being viewed by the broader Foxtel community; and Highlights#+, which have been curated by Foxtel’s content experts to bring you a steady stream of hits.

The iQ3 is purpose built for viewers to enjoy the convenience of streamed programming and can be internet connected via WiFi or Ethernet cable, offering quick and easy access to thousands of ‘Anytime’^ on demand TV shows, including the new BoxSets channel, and movies, depending on the channels in your subscription.

iQ3 key features summary:
· Start Over^~ allows you to go back to the beginning of a show that’s already started so tuning in late is no longer an issue
· Look Back^ lets you scroll back in time up to 24 hours to watch the shows you have missed
· Record up to three programs at once while watching a fourth, live
· Tap into the Foxtel ‘Anytime’^ service to choose from thousands of TV shows and movies to watch any time you like, depending on the channels in your subscription
· Foxtel Store** offers rentals of the latest blockbusters from the comfort of your home
· Wi-Fi connectivity so you can wirelessly connect your iQ3 to the internet with ease
· Much more recording space with up to 172 hours of HD or up to 345 hours of SD recording
· Pause, and rewind live TV so you can keep up on the action when you’re interrupted
· Remote record and ‘series link’ programs so you never miss an episode of your favourite show