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Starting for TechWebcast

Introductory blogs have never been my strongest forte. But here it is, I’ve started as a writer for TechWebcast and I feel it’s an obligation for me to tell you about myself. My name is Amaya and I’m writing from Gifu, Japan. It’s not the most modern city in the world, but has just enough good memories to call it home. When I first met Brad, and at the time he offered me to write for his site, I was living in New York. Fate dragged me back to my country after living in the Big Apple for 7 long years. This sudden change in atmosphere hasn’t been easy for me to deal with. But there’s is a magical feeling being in your home town; something that can’t be expressible while still adequate enough to make you contented.

Ted and Me

Me and Ted

Writing has always been my passion, even though I’ve never been good at it. It’s obvious that people don’t expect much from a high school dropout or for one to amaze them with spectacular writing skills. But I believe that anything can be achieved with the proper attitude and ambition. With this drive I’ve taught myself a few things about writing over the past few years, while still improving each time I wrote something new. I owe a lot of this success to my colleagues at NoobFeed who helped me great deal to understand the proper techniques of writing polished works and which areas to improve on. If you guys are reading this, I love you all so very much.

Besides writing my obsessions include traveling, movies, videos games and technology. Perhaps during my leisure time I’ll go into detail about favorite traveling experiences, movies or video games, but for now, I’m here to talk about technology. But not in this very first post though. Instead I’d love to know what type of articles or topics interest you the most. Is it tech reviews, coverage on the latest hardware, or top listing and comparison between the tools we use? Let your feedback be heard either in the comment below, or at the next episode of Brad’s podcast.

This will be all for my first entry. And to end this, here’s a quick fact. Apple’s iOS 7 beta 2 has been released today. Find more about the new design and features at Apple’s official page.

Thanks for reading.

Amaya Ai, TechWebcast
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New project and Updates

new project it called Tekluster it will be to do with tech news and there all so be are audio podcast and youtube channel as well Bob from Uk is part of it as well he came up with the name
here some links to check out
Facebook page
youtube channel
follow us on twitter for more updates
more updates
on nov6 techwebcast will have it 100 episode and it will be Live
all so there will be giveaways as well.
all so techwebcast will be getting new website design.
made by Cody from cpcstudios
iphone app Jason from techwebcast all so made are iphone app as well
more info on app soon.


i Need More Subscribers

Hi i love to get more Subscribers it all to do with my podcast Techwebcast some of the videos i be doing reviews un boxings and gaming iphone stuff apps reviews Have to give are huge thank you to Bryce for helping me he made me new intro and background you can go to his blog here all so the name brad20071 that when i made the channel back in 07 thats when i was not doing the techwebcast. so i couldn’t change the name to Techwebcast and i dont really want to start up hole New channel stay tune for more from me and techwebcast i maybe getting other people to rec videos as Well

1 MORE week off techwebcast will be back and better


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