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ZenBound 2

Secret Exit has this wonderfully crated game called Zen Bound and I recently picked up a copy of Zen Bound 2 and it is a beautiful frustration. And I mean that in a good way.

They call it a “meditative puzzle game of wrapping rope around wooden sculptures.”

Once you are realize that each tag on the ‘Tree of Tribute’ of the level brings you into each challenge, you are pulled into this stunningly rendered environment.

Flowers are the ‘stars’ of achievement for each level and there are 100 levels of which I’ve only tackled 7 and I need to earn 19 more flowers to advance.

The game play is pretty basic, you have an object with a bungee rope attached. The goal is to wrap that object in the rope, covering the surface area, and then tie off the end on nail in the object. And that’s where the challenge begins.

The first few levels are pretty simple, and they even have little paintballs that explode to help color the object to show how much is covered. This is how they lure you into thinking this is a really easy game, but as you start to move up in levels the objects get harder to wrap at 100%.

Maybe due to folded arms, ears sticking out or the trunk of an elephant, some of the objects look deceptively simple. You’ll start to wrap the object by spinning the object and pulling the rope tight around and around. However after spinning the object like mad, you might end up short on rope, so watch your length!

The physics in the game work amazing well, you really feel like you are spinning this virtual object and the bungee cord ‘feels’ really responsive. I think this really pushes the processor because my Nexus 7 gets HOT while playing it. And when you look at the detail you can see why.

Beautiful can’t even really describe how immersive the environment is on this. You really do feel like you’re looking into a virtual world, even tilting the screen tilting makes the objects gravitate to that side and it’s stunningly smooth you have to experience it to understand that you do ‘feel’ like the object.

The best part is that it includes all of ZenBound’s original puzzles and is available on iOS, Google Play, Mac App Store and Steam!

If you like casual puzzle games that are wonderfully frustrating while you work your way through I suggest checking out ZenBound2.

Bily Foster – That iPad Guy

N.O.V.A 3

Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3 or N.O.V.A 3 is the 3rd installment of Gameloft’s NOVA series and is a first person shooter.

Now I’m normally not into first person shooters, especially on tablets because of the lack of physical controls. But somehow Gameloft has taken this into account and I was actually able to play this version.

I will say however loading it on my Nexus 7 was a real PITA, first I purchased the game and I guess it downloaded a quick shell to download the rest of the game because after I launched it another 1.2gb of data had to come down. So I had to wait until the next day to give it a whirl.

24 hours later and it still took me another 20 mins to get into the game as it didn’t install the 1.2gb that it downloaded. Once I was finally through that it was about 5 to 10 minutes of painfully trying to get through the opening scenes which skipped, dropped out of sync with the audio and really was so painful I watch TV until it got through the opening.

Thank goodness once everything was loaded the game did play smoothly. Now I’m a newbie to the whole NOVA universe so I went in with fresh eyes, and now that I was through the painful loading I really started to get into the game.

You play the role of Commander Kal who has been called to Earth, which has evidently been abandoned by humans due to the Earth becoming uninhabitable. But there is an artifact to help transform Earth back to its former inhabitable state and that’s why their are a team of NOVA troops that you need to assist.

Now in the few hours that I’ve played I didn’t get very far, but a lot farther that I have in other first person shooters, and the game breaks down what you need to deal with into small bite size steps to ease you into what needs to be done.

It’s nice that the aliens all stand out so there isn’t confusion on who you need to shoot, and the targeting really makes it easier for a novice like me to enjoy the game without being a sharpshooter. My favorite part is when you zoom into the scope view to fire a perfect shot.

The graphics are phenomenal, and probably part of the problem with the intro, but you’d think those kinks would be worked out by now. All in all I’m glad I picked it up, there is nothing like ending your day blasting away at some aliens to release the stress of the day.

If you are into Sci-Fi and FPSs then I suggest you pick up NOVA3 it’s available in the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android. Be patient with the loading it’s worth it in the end.

Bily Foster – That iPad Guy

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