Epson unveils the fastest POS receipt printer in the industry
The TM-T88VII brings speed, reliability and flexibility enabling merchants to deliver the best customer experience in every environment

SYDNEY, 15 December 2022 – As merchants are adapting to an ever-evolving industry with online ordering and ecommerce expanding in retail and hospitality, Epson announced the fastest POS receipt printer in the industry1 – the TM-T88VII.

As the latest model in Epson’s most popular TM-T88 series POS printer line which has sold millions of units across the globe, TM-T88VII offers lightning-fast print speeds and flexible connectivity between multiple devices to help merchants – particularly in high-volume industries such as hospitality, retail and grocery – deliver the best customer experience in virtually every environment.

household brands have in common with Epson? It’s the TM-T88 receipt printer, now celebrating over 25 years. The TM-T88 series is the workhorse of Epson’s receipt printer line. It’s sleek design and legendary reliability has earned it an important role in the Australian retail landscape, if not globally. Now in its seventh generation, the Epson TM-T88VII is a quiet achiever. Almost always hidden from view, you’ve probably never realised your shopping experiences over the last couple of decades have more than likely involved a TM-T88 series printer and will now likely involve a TM-T88VII.”

The TM-T88VII is the easiest and fastest T88-series product to configure and deploy. The new model delivers fast print speeds up to 500 mm/sec1 and a high-speed auto cutter, as well as a long printhead and auto cutter life2 and a four-year warranty for advanced reliability.

The TM-T88VII can be dynamically shared with fixed PC-POS terminals as well as mobile devices and cloud servers at the same time. With the vertical mounting kit, the printer has flexible configuration options and can connect to almost any system with built-in Ethernet and USB, along with options including Serial, Parallel, Powered USB, and Wi-Fi®.

The TM-T88VII has streamlined the setup process with an improved Epson TM Utility app – available on both PC and mobile devices – which includes a new simple set up tool for easy configuration and deployment of new printers. In addition, the Epson TM Utility app enables integrators to seamlessly upgrade from prior T88 models to the TM-T88VII without losing pre-configured settings and disrupting existing workflows.

As e-commerce and online ordering continues to skyrocket, the TM-T88VII is online order ready and can retrieve orders from a web server and print from web-based applications using Epson’s ePOS™ Print Technology or utilise Server Direct Print technology without installing any additional hardware or POS software integration. Users can easily and securely print as the TM-T88VII offers support for the latest WPA3 Wi-Fi security standard.

Epson TM-T88VII key features include:
• Ultra-fast transaction times – industry-leading print speeds up to 500 mm/sec1 and high-speed auto cutter
• Reliability you can count on – 4-year warranty; easy-to-clean, water-resistant enclosure; long printhead and auto cutter life2
• Connect to multiple devices simultaneously – using multiple interfaces, printer can be dynamically shared by PC-POS terminals, tablets, and mobile devices as well as cloud servers
• Multi-interface support – built-in USB and Ethernet, optional Serial, Powered USB, Parallel and Wireless connectivity ensure maximum flexibility and futureproofing
• Secure wireless connection – supports the latest Wi-Fi® security standard (WPA3)
• Online ordering ready – Server Direct Print technology allows the printer to retrieve orders from a web server and print a receipt without requiring POS software integration
• POS peripheral support – supports POS peripherals including barcode scanners, customer displays, and more
• Easy setup and configuration – streamline the setup and replacement processes using Epson TM Utility; vertical mounting kit provides flexible configuration options
• Easy to understand – status LEDs and network diagnostic sheet improve on-site network troubleshooting
• Backwards compatible – fully compatible with the existing TM-T88V and TM-T88VI software and same footprint
• Advanced paper-saving functions – top-margin and character-height reduction features help reduce paper usage by up to 49 percent3

The TM-T88VII thermal receipt printer is available from, and all Epson authorised channel partners for the RRP of AUD$745.00 and NZD$829.00 including GST.

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Epson’s TM-T88VII POS receipt printer

1 Compared to single station thermal receipt printers available in the Australia & New Zealand as of 2nd August 2021, based on manufacturers’ published specifications. Speed based on using 80 mm wide media only and Epson’s PS-190 or PS-180 power supply. Configurations not including the PS-190 or PS-180 will have a default print speed of 450 mm/sec.
2 Rated printhead and cutter lives are only estimates based on normal use of the printer with the following media only, with printer operated at room temperature and normal humidity: Model KT55FA: Papierfabrik August Koehler SE; Model PD160R: Oji Imaging Media Co., Ltd.; Model TF50KS-EY: NIPPON Paper Industries Co., Ltd. Epson’s statements about reliability levels are not warranties of the media or Epson’s printers, and the only warranties for printers are the limited warranty statements for each printer. See for more information on Tested Media.
3 Paper savings depend on the text and graphics printed on the receipt.