Sony Launches Three New 4K HDR Home Cinema Projectors, Including the Premium VPL-VW870ES Projector with ARC-F Lens

SYDNEY, 23 October 2018 – Announcing the launch of three new home cinema projector models to further enhance consumers’ immersive viewing experience. Pursuing the highest true 4K quality for the home, the new VPL-VW870ES laser projector is equipped with an innovative All Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) lens, which was introduced in 2012 with Sony’s first 4K home cinema projector, the VPL-VW1000ES, and is currently found in Sony’s flagship 4K projector, the VPL-VW5000ES. The ARC-F lens provides the best focus and resolution across the entire screen with the new Digital Focus Optimiser function.

Sony’s new home cinema projectors provide consumers with options from an entry-level VW270ES, mid-tier VW570ES and premium VW870ES, while delivering exceptional viewing quality at all levels. All three projectors come with evolved 4K Motionflow technology, which displays smoother and clearer motion by using extra frames to reduce blur, making these projectors perfect for fast moving scenes such as sporting events. The three models also offer film buffs spectacular high dynamic range (HDR) images with fine colour gradation thanks to 18 Gbps HDMI and 4K 60P 10bit processing compatibility. To accommodate the growing demand for 4K/60p gaming content, the projectors enable users to enjoy faster response speeds using the input lag reduction feature. On top of all this is Sony’s exclusive Reality Creation engine that analyses every element of an image to provide enhanced clarity and resolution without enhancing noise.

The three new models announced are:

· VPL-VW870ES – Sony’s latest premium 4K laser light source projector contains a prestigious All Range Crisp Focus (ARC-F) lens, an 18-piece all glass lens that ensures high precision in every corner of the image, yet within a compact and lightweight design; alongside this, the addition of the “Digital Focus Optimiser” in the VPL-VW870ES provides refined image quality and accurate focus without distortion; the new dual-control contrast capability employs both a physical iris and a modulated laser to constantly maintain the optimum black level detail and highlight detail from scene to scene.
VPL-VW570ES – Sony’s new step-up 4K model comes with enhanced features such as Picture Position Memory to quickly change one’s screen to fit any possible format including 16:9 and Cinemascope; it also provides high dynamic contrast of 350,000:1 by use of Sony’s Advanced Iris technology.
· VPL-VW270ES – delivers a breath-taking 4K HDR experience at Sony’s most affordable price point while adding features from last year’s laser model, including a new input lag reduction mode for gamers, Motionflow and Vertical Stretch for 4K signals.

Product Details:

· VPL-VW870ES is one of Sony’s most powerful home cinema projectors yet, producing stunning images, with a laser source providing 2,200 lumens for spectacular brightness; this model also achieves high dynamic contrast through its dual-contrast control engine powered by dynamic laser control and Advanced Iris technology.
· VPL-VW570ES allows viewers to experience the true beauty of 4K HDR with 1,800 lumens of brightness via UHP lamp and the newly adopted 4K Motionflow for natural motion; this model will succeed both the VPL-VW320ES and VPL-VW550ES.
· VPL-VW270ES is the successor to the VPL-VW260ES. This 1,500 lumen lamp-based projector includes many of the features of the other two models, including a native 4K SXRD panel, HDMI 18 Gbps compatibility, 4K Motionflow and HDR capability at a cost-effective price point.
· Both the VPL-VW570ES and the VPL-VW270ES come in compact size, with 2.06 zoom and wide lens shift to make them easy to install.

The VPL-VW870ES, VPL-VW570ES and VPL-VW270ES will be available from November 2018. For more information email