Sony announces finalists for Catchlight Film Festival 2023

SYDNEY, 24 AUGUST 2023, Sony has announced the finalists for the third annual Catchlight Film Festival. Presented by Sony Australia, the Catchlight Film Festival celebrates the best short-form filmmaking shot on Sony cameras across Australia and New Zealand. The festival aims to encourage filmmakers at all levels, by showcasing the exceptional talent and abilities of cinematographers and filmmakers who are using the Sony system to capture their stories.

Winners of this year’s Catchlight Film Festival will be announced on Saturday 9 September at the 2023 Catchlight Film Festival awards ceremony in Sydney, hosted by Sony Australia.

In 2023, the Catchlight Film Festival includes four categories – Fiction (scripted), Non-Fiction (documentary), Student Fiction and Music Video, once again encouraging submissions from short filmmakers of all kinds.

Movie poster for The Urn, winner of Fiction category at the 2022 Catchlight Film Festival

Building on Sony’s deep roots in the global film and television industry and its technology leadership in digital imaging, the Catchlight Film Festival aims to support the vibrant and flourishing filmmaking community in Australia and New Zealand.

Catchlight Film Festival 2023 finalists
HAVEN – Krish Maharaj
Straight on ‘til Mourning – Kaitlyn Boye
Subject – Fraser Whitehead
Bangay Lore – Jahvis Loveday
Forgiving – Chromatic Aberration Productions

HaMidbar – Kirsten Slemint
We Can Be Heroes – Hayden Huynh
The Instigator – Chelsea Williams
Pitch Black – Guillym Davenport
Where The Dreamings Come From – Matt Deavin

Music Video
Baby Prince – Shake ft. Blessed – Bronson Moyle
Burnout – Jon Copson
Tatsuya & Moog – Celosia Fields

Student Fiction
It Takes a Village – Amelia P
The Extra – Tyler Kang
Hill’s Hoist – Angus Becke-Smith
Bovine Rider – Percibrey Constance

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Catchlight Film Festival logo
Movie poster for The Urn, winner of Fiction category at the 2022 Catchlight Film Festival