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After years of worshipping the Mediterranean, the food world is looking to Scandinavia, where life revolves around delicious food, that’s every bit as healthy. It’s the food trend that’s hotter than ever, and LifeStyle FOOD is bringing you the best in New Nordic Cuisine with Australian premieres of Nordic Cookery and Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia.

Although the trend has been washing through the world’s top kitchens for years, there’s still so much to learn in order to really appreciate the regions unique food. Nordic food is about tradition and eating from your ‘backyard’ in a new and modern context. But it’s also about great food, cooked in the kitchen and eaten together at the table. Using turnips, whey, pine needles, juniper berries, shells, hay, and twigs as its kitchen tools, Nordic cookery seeks to turn the culinary dial back toward the natural world. Although famous for their bitter rye bread, wild berries, Danish roast pork, salted candies, and smoked reindeer, there’s more to Scandinavian cooking than just pickled fish.
Nordic Cookery with Tareq Taylor – a chef and TV-personality from Sweden who has 25-years of experience with Scandinavian cooking – gives an insight into New Nordic Cuisine in both its natural and intense forms.

Across 20 episodes, Taylor travels around the Nordic countries to meet local food producers, chefs and specialists. He heads off the tourist track to experience local cultures through their food, searching out fantastic ingredients, meeting extraordinary people and preparing his own versions of delicious recipes along the way.

In Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia, adventurous cook Valentine Warner (Perfect and Great British Food Revival) sets off on a culinary journey across the North Sea to Scandinavia, to explore the region that’s currently the hottest trend in food. Working his way through the seasons, and getting outside foraging to find his supper, Warner tries his hand at cooking local specialities across Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Each of the 10 episodes will give a unique insight into the Scandinavian culture and how the seasons play a vital role in what is delivered to the plate. Warner will meet botanist and chef, Magnus Nilsson, at the remote Faviken restaurant. Here, the menu is developed around the ethos of hunting in the surrounding environment: moss, blood and breath are all important ingredients at this experimental restaurant. He’ll also learn the art of ice-fishing, equipped with only a drill, bait and coffee.

Nordic Cookery season 1 and 2 airs weeknights at 7pm from October 6 and Valentine Warner Eats Scandinavia premieres Sunday, November 4 at 8.30pm on LifeStyle FOOD, only of Foxtel.