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21 September 2016
First plane Minidrone which takes off and lands vertically and has forward flight, the X shape of Swing enables it to fly both vertically and horizontally
Speedily switches from the quadcopter mode to the plane mode and performs aerial tricks at high speed with a remarkable stability
When the propellers turn toward the horizon, it flies horizontally like an aircraft – always in forward motion with full speed reaching 30 km/h
It turns right, left, does U-turns, half-flips and loops, all with amazing fluidity and stability
FreeFlight Mini s the application for setting the parameters and piloting Parrot Bluetooth Low Energy Minidrones
Accessories: Parrot Flypad is the piloting remote control for Parrot Bluetooth Low Energy Minidrones.
It has customisable joysticks and buttons and also has a stable connection with the Swing at long distance, extending the range of Bluetooth Low Energy up to 60m
Autonomy: up to 8min depending on the piloting mode , Fast charge 25 min. (with not included 2.6A charger)
Availability: October
RRP: AU$229.99 / NZ$249.00 (Parrot Swing + Parrot Flypad)




Powerful Minidrone which reaches speed of 30km/h and performs aerial acrobatics
Front, back or side loops, 90° or 180° turns… Parrot Mambo is a lively and agile acrobat in the air
Accessories included: Grabber and Cannon.
Cannon: Allows you to identify a target, aim at a moving object and fire! Pilots can test their agility with Mambo projectile thrower!
Grabber: Allows you to transport a message, catch a cube of sugar and to drop it in a cup
Availability: October 2016
RRP: AU$199.99 / NZ$219.00 (with 2 accessories)

Parrot Brand Studio
Parrot Brand Studio

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