SYDNEY, 28 May 2019 – Longina Phillips Designs was established in 1988 and is now Australia’s leading creative print design studio. Recently the company made a major investment in a new printing solution and the choice they made was to use Epson SureColor printers to print all of their designs.

To see Epson printers in use at Longina Phillips Designs go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goJ_VOtUMVs&feature=youtu.be

Lola Phillips, founder and managing director of Longina Phillips Designs explained, “Our talented design team creates new trend directions with consistently forward-thinking, boundary-pushing collections of textile designs.
Longina Phillips Designs consists of a full-service studio offering three mainline collections. In addition to our collections, we share decades of experience in fashion and design by offering tailored trend reports, custom print work, a gifts section for limited edition art prints, and our very own print school. In other words, the printers we use are essential to the success of our business and for those, we chose Epson SureColor.”

Epson SureColor printers now play a key role in bringing the unique Longina Phillips Designs to the global fashion industry.

Phillips continued, “As a design practice we have always sought the best colour output, the best product and the best support. Our relationship with Epson started early around 1995 with desktop printers. Colour has always been the first consideration for us and our first models were Epson desktop A4 and A3 printers, then we moved on and purchased an A2 printer. Our first wide-format Epson stylus had water-based inks and was our favourite printer as it gave a much greater colour gamut. We now have all our Epson wide format printers calibrated to give the best colour.”

It’s clear that colour and quality feature heavily on Lola Phillips’ and Longina Phillips Designs’ list of key requirements.

Phillips added, “Colour is absolutely paramount and the flexibility of printing different sizes of paper is also very important to us too. We now use Epson wide format SureColor printers to print all our design work with. We love the SureColor as the colour of our printed designs is outstanding. Our clients always comment on the colour of our designs and ask us what printer and inks we use. The printing and the quality of colour can be always relied on with Epson

In the fashion world, what you see is not just what you get but what you sell so the imagery and prints Epson help Longina Phillips Designs achieve go a long way within the company.

Lola Phillips concluded, “There are several key benefits for Longina Phillips Design in using Epson SureColor printers moving forward. Critically it’s the reliability and quality of their printers combined with Epson’s first-class support, knowhow and knowledge. When all is said and done that’s an unbeatable combination for us.”

To see Epson printers in use at Longina Phillips Designs go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goJ_VOtUMVs&feature=youtu.be

For more on Epson SureColor printers go to: https://www.epson.com.au/Prographics

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Epson printers in use at Longina Phillips Designs.

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