SYDNEY, 22 February 2018 – Khan’s SUPA IGA Supermarket group is an IGA franchise in Australia that currently operates 14 outlets with more planned. The group’s printing requirements are a major part of their daily logistics and recently they replaced all of their existing printers and purchased multiple Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 printers.

Khans SUPA IGA Supermarket Group IT Manager Piyal Withanage explained, “With 14 sites, the amount of printing we do is considerable so we wanted to examine whether we could do all of our printing more cost efficiently. After discussions with Kayell Australia we saw very quickly that purchasing Epson WorkForce ProWF-R8590 printers outright would lead to considerable cost savings.”

With the decision made to move forward with an Epson printing solution the Khans SUPA IGA Group purchased multiple printers from Kayell Australia and began installing them in their stores.

Withanage continued, “The decision to buy Epson printers was based on the low cost of printing and the large amount of ink that comes with the printer. It was the pure economics of lowering costs – lower printing costs, lower machine costs and lower maintenance costs. The Epson printers are quicker to use, easier to use, don’t need their consumables replaced so often, have low intervention rates due to fault or outages and create efficiencies that lead to savings in time and money. In all honesty it was a no-brainer.”

Khans SUPA IGA Supermarket Group also uses its Epson Printers to do a lot of scanning as well as printing of reports on larger A3 paper.

Withanage concluded, “Previously the scanning and printing at each of our stores was handled by a collection of older printers but now a single Epson printer takes care of everything by itself. Given that and the significant cost savings, improvements in day to day workflow and reduced downtime, we are very happy with the printing performance, low maintenance and low cost that our purchase of the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-R8590 printers has delivered.”

Picture credits
Khans SUPA IGA Wakeley Manager Ronny Ishaq with one of the company’s Epson WF-R8590 printers.