by Brian Booher

In the past couple of weeks I have been playing a game called “Coin Dozer”.  The object of the game is the same idea as the coin pushing game that you can find at an arcade center, if they even exist anymore.

Android version:

Coin Dozer

iOS versions:

Free Version

Paid Version

“Coin Dozer” is a game where you have to drop coins in front of a moving shelf that will push those new coins into a big pile of existing coins.  If you time it right, that will cause the existing coins to move forward and hopefully fall over the edge in the front, of which you can get more coins or collect prizes that may fall to help with powerups.

This game is very addicting and you can run out of coins really fast.  The developer of the game does have a “More Coins” section of which you can sign up for services or whatever on other sites to get more coins.  They also have a “Coin Shop” to allow you to spend real money for more virtual coins.  That does seem like a good business model, but some of us just don’t have that kind of money to spend.  There are ways to cheat at this game to get more coins.  There is the time cheat and the hack cheat.  The hack cheat is for users who have iOS devices that are jailbroken or Android devices that are rooted.

The Time Cheat

This cheat is for everyone on iOS and Android, whether they are jailbroken/rooted or not.  The game will give you 1 coin every 30 seconds while you are playing the game and 1 coin for every 9 minutes you are not playing the game.  You do have a limit on the number of coins you can gain while not playing, which usually starts at like 45.

Here is the video on the time cheat:

This method makes it unnecessary to spend any real money for more coins, but if you want to help the developers by buying some virtual coins, go for it!

The Hack Cheat (Advanced users only)

This cheat involves having an iOS device that is jailbroken or an Android device that is rooted.  The idea is to go into the one file that contains the information on your game and change the number of coins.  Jailbreaking and rooting are basically the idea of gaining administrator access to your device.  This can be dangerous for people who do not understand computers that well because you could easily mess something up and not realize it and then you find out your device won’t work anymore.

Also realize that with these methods, you may have to spend some money for the tools necessary to perform these cheats.  I spent a total of $8 on two file search programs for my iOS and Android devices.  They are worth it because you can use those programs for other things.

Jailbroken iOS method

If you have the Cydia market installed, go into it and look for “iFile” or any other kind of file search program.  Some may be free, but “iFile” costs $4.  I think it’s a great program that I can use for other things.

Rooted Android method

The best file explorer I have is called “Root Explorer”, which can be found in the Google Play, formerly Android Market.  It cost me $4 at the time, so it might be more or less depending on the developer.

Final Thoughts

This game is addicting, so try not to go overboard.  Though you can cheat at it for free, it would be nice to be able to help out the developer if you have the opportunity.  A geek’s gotta eat too you know!

Have Fun and Geek Out!!!