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Media Release: Thursday, September 4, 2014

Foxtel offers its best in HD

All premium content packs, including sport, movies and drama to go HD

Foxtel today announced plans to strengthen its High-Definition offering across all of its premium content packs by adding nine new HD channels to its HD channel pack^. Starting November 3, new HD channels that round out Foxtel’s HD line up will include:

Arena HD
Universal HD
13th Street HD
History HD
World Movies HD
Fox Sports News HD
Eurosport HD
Fox Sports 4 HD
BoxSets HD

Today’s news raises Foxtel’s total HD channel count to 36 dedicated channels, bolsters its position as Australia’s largest provider of HD channels and brings even greater value to Foxtel’s HD subscribers who are keen to take advantage of the great picture quality found in today’s HDTV technology.

Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein said, “Foxtel subscribers have always had access to the widest range of High Definition programming available in Australia, and in yet another great development for existing and prospective customers, we’ve given them a massive boost that includes all of the channels in our premium sports, movies and drama packs, letting customers watch the best we have to offer in HD.”

The new channels add to the existing HD offering that includes the remaining channels in the new Sports, Movies and Drama packs along with other HD favourites, including Fox8 HD, Lifestyle HD, Discovery HD and Nat Geo HD.