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Revamp of pricing & packaging, plus iQ3 and triple-play feeds customer appetite for the best entertainment

Today at the 2014 ASTRA conference, Foxtel made a series of transformative announcements that increase the value of a Foxtel subscription for existing subscribers, maximise the availability of its services for new subscribers and improve the way customers enjoy entertainment.
Foxtel CEO Richard Freudenstein unveiled plans to provide existing residential customers with enhanced benefits, at no extra charge, as a way of adding even more fantastic value into their packages. Key bonuses include giving the vast majority of subscribers access to all general entertainment channels; giving all customers who take the Premium Movies and Drama tier access to some pay-per-view movies at no extra cost; and giving all Essentials customers, who don’t currently have it, access to Foxtel’s award winning premium drama channel – showcase, the Home of HBO.
Foxtel will also launch a new BoxSets channel and video on demand service that gives access to the best of television from powerhouses such as HBO to most of its current customers at no extra cost. In addition, Foxtel announced plans to strengthen its High-Definition offering across all of its premium content packs by adding nine new HD channels including sports, movies and drama bringing Foxtel’s total HD channel count to 36.
“Foxtel is passionate about giving customers the maximum value for their subscriptions. From securing the best programming possible to providing innovative services like Foxtel Go and Look Back, we’re serious about going the extra mile. Today we’ve raised the bar even higher by giving our customers access to bonus content at no extra charge,” said Mr. Freudenstein.
Foxtel also launched a new Entertainment Pack for just $25^ per month on a 12 month plan. The move radically changes its pricing structure for new customers and makes Foxtel available for as little as $25^ per month for Foxtel cable and satellite subscriptions. The Entertainment Pack will feature more than 40 channels and include many of the most popular channel brands such as FOX8, Lifestyle, TVH!TS, ARENA, MTV, National Geographic, Universal, TCM and more as well as access to the great functionality of Foxtel’s iQ set top boxes. The new pricing will launch in November.
“We know that many Australians are aware of the amazing content and technology that Foxtel offers but feel that the price is not right for their budget. A $25 entry point that gives access to over 40 popular channels in our Entertainment Pack will cause millions of people to have another look at Foxtel,” Mr. Freudenstein continued.
As part of its new pricing structure, Foxtel will also revamp its premium tiers by offering the Movies pack at $20 per month*; the Sports Pack at $25 per month* and the Drama Pack, which includes showcase, BBC First, FX, 13th Street and the new BoxSets channel at $20 per month*. Three General Entertainment Packs will also be available including Entertainment Plus, Docos and Kids, each priced at $10 per month*. BoxSets will be available as a stand alone for $10 per month*.
In addition, Foxtel welcomed the addition of the new Discovery Kids channel to the Kids Pack. Discovery Kids is Australia’s only children’s channel solely dedicated to providing fun educational programming for primary school-aged kids.
New customers who take Platinum HD will pay the same amount as existing Platinum HD subscribers.
The new pricing is designed to make Foxtel more accessible to the broadest number of Australians possible and offers customers more flexibility in customising their subscriptions to best suit their entertainment needs.
Foxtel also confirmed that its new set top box, the iQ3, is currently in its final field trials and would be available to customers later this year.
“iQ3 will be the most advanced set-top box available and will provide a revolutionary new way to enjoy the best that Foxtel has to offer,” Mr. Freudenstein said.
iQ3 will include features such as an improved electronic program guide, sophisticated search and recommendation functionality and the ability to ‘Start Over’ at the beginning of a program if you tune in part way through.
Finally, Foxtel announced that its much anticipated Triple-Play of television, broadband and home phone will commence final trials with Foxtel staff in November, with a full consumer roll-out expected in the first quarter of 2015.
“The changes we are announcing today constitute a defining moment in Australian media. With amazing bonuses for current customers, new pricing designed to make Foxtel more accessible and with iQ3 and Triple-Play just around the corner, the time has never been better to take advantage of this golden age of television through Foxtel,” concluded Mr. Freudenstein.
In summary, Foxtel is:
· improving the value of a Foxtel subscription by giving current customers bonus content at no extra cost;
· launching a radical new pricing model for its cable and satellite service to increase customer growth;
· creating a world beating viewing experience through iQ3;
· continuing to invest in securing and creating great programming; and
· ramping up its cost effective Triple-Play service of Entertainment, Broadband and Home Phone.