duet display app $15.99 usd

pc and mac app free

2015-05-17 01_14_40-Duet Display - Ex-Apple Engineers Turn Your iPad into a Second Display for your

with this app you can use your iPod,iPad,iPhone as a second screen or a third screen in my instance. the app for ios you will need ios 7.0 or higher to run this app. you will need a lightning cable or a 30 pin  plug. it will need the cables to run hard wired the app will not work on WiFi. you can use the touch screen on the device to use it as a mouse. plus it would work for people that don’t have a second screen or if don’t have room on there desk table etc.

for me i use a iPad mini 2 with the app running i thought at first use the battery was going to run out on me but it only used 1% of my battery at full charge. one thing i like is the touch screen can be used as the mouse on the iPad. i like it because i don’t have to use my mouse i could but im lazy.

i would rate the app 9 out of ten stars for the simple use of the ios app

the PC app i would rate that 9 of ten stars

cheers jacob