Bongiorno takes healthy approach to new Epson printing solutions

SYDNEY, 24 November 2022 – Established in 1964, Bongiorno & Partners was the first organisation in Australia to offer complete coordination of the financial affairs of medical and dental professionals. As a result, Bongiorno has become a market leader by concentrating solely on the medical and dental fields for over 50 years. Recently the company decided to upgrade their in-house business printing solutions and for that they turned to Epson and their Epson Premium Partner, Orion Print Management.

Stephen Boyce with Epson inkjet business printers at Bongiorno HQ

Bongiorno business systems manager, Stephen Boyce, explained, “We had a four-year contract with Orion Print for 17 business printers that was due to expire so, we decided to trial some new machines and manufacturers – one of which was Epson. While some of the other printers were okay, we found the Epson printers to be faster, quieter and far more efficient. These attributes sealed the deal for a complete shift to Epson business printers and printing solutions.”

Epson inkjet business printers at Bongiorno HQ

Orion Print Management sales executive, Arthur Ghelis, said, “Bongiorno has been our customer for over 15 years, so when we discussed Epson’s state of the art inkjet technology and the benefits that come with it, they were very interested. Bongiorno has high volume printing and scanning requirements and thus could only accept the best possible enterprise units. As their trusted supplier we have always found the most suitable solution for their printing and imaging needs. Epson solutions also give them high yield inks, reliability, cost savings and, critically, much lower energy usage than laser alternatives.”

As an added challenge Bongiorno also needed to find a new location for their HQ as the existing lease on their office was not going to be extended.

Stephen added, “With the new office it was decided that we would have a printing hub with all machines in one location rather than machines all over the building. Therefore, we needed fast, compact and cool running machines and it really was a no-brainer that we chose Epson.”

In total Bongiorno purchased a multi-model Epson solution that included their WorkForce Pro WF-C579R network MFP, WorkForce Enterprise WF-M20590 and WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000 business devices.

Stephen explained, “The requirements for the printer in our reception area were around its need to be compact in size as it was just the reception using it, plus anyone in a nearby meeting room. We chose the WF-C21000 it is very fast at both printing and scanning in both colour and mono and the WF-M20590 was chosen for similar reasons and the fact that a fast mono printer is always a good idea.”

Bongiorno use PaperCut for their Follow Me Print solution which works seamlessly with the new Epson printers and solutions, as Stephen commented, “Our main focus for workflows is scanning to two different applications and scanning to email. The two applications involve scanning to our DMS, Virtual Cabinet and scanning to pdfDocs. Both applications also utilise ‘hot folders’ to pick up scans.”

According to Stephen there are several, tangible reasons and benefits as to why Bongiorno and other companies have and will switch to Epson business printers. He said, “The fact that the Epson inkjet printers have fewer moving parts, are far more reliable and require far less upkeep than laser printers makes them the best option. The print quality is great and they use much less power, plus they generate no heat, which means we can have several machines in a room without worrying about creating a stifling room temperature.”

It’s clear that Stephen Boyce and the Bongiorno team see the switch to Epson business inkjet printing and the move away from laser printers as a good, clear and obvious choice as he concluded, “The reliability and low cost of running of the Epson solutions means we are not wasting time or money with less efficient printers. Our management and employees are under enormous pressure to deliver services to our clients with as few ‘write-offs’ as possible. Fast and reliable printing and scanning means there are no interruptions to our workflows due to printer failures. We have found Epson to be the most reliable, cost-effective solution we have had so far. I would give them 9.5 out of 10.”

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Stephen Boyce with Epson inkjet business printers at Bongiorno HQ
Epson WorkForce Enterprise WF-C21000
Epson inkjet business printers at Bongiorno HQ