Rovio of “Angry Birds” fame is expanding the franchise with a different twist. Instead of flinging upset birds at the Piggies, you get a little roll reversal of sort and get to play the part of the Pigs. But you are not flinging as much as you are building!

This time around your goal is to help the Piggies get to their goal and you do that by helping them build a contraption with the available parts to help you reach said goal.

33 objects ranging from motors, wings, fans, bottle rockets, umbrellas balloons and more help you fly, float, or climb your way to the final flag collecting star boxes along the way. And the star boxes aren’t just for point either! The more Star boxes you collect the more and better pieces you’ll get for the challenging Sandbox levels.

If you get really stuck there is an option of ‘hiring’ a mechanical pig to build your ride for you but I haven’t used it yet since I’m saving it for when I REALLY get stuck.

I really like the ‘openness’ feel you get by taking pieces that you can engineer into a solution vs the ‘hit and miss a shot’ you get with “Angry Birds”. That does mean you generally have to try harder to get your contraption to work over the off chance of knocking those pieces but I think that’s why I’ve been able to stick with this longer than I did with most of the other “Angry Birds” installments.

For the price of admission you get access to 72 levels with an additional 18 that get unlocked by getting three stars! There are 4 sandbox levels which are some of the more fun ones that you get to go back to as you collect more pieces. And in typical Rovio fashion there is a level yet to be unlocked in a future release which always makes investing in a Rovio title totally worth it.

Bad Piggies is out for iOS, Mac App Store and Android and is a must play on my list.

Bily Foster – That iPad Guy