Moto G Mobile Phone


Made primarily of plastic, the look and feel is very similar to those of you who experienced the Galaxy Nexus. With the curved back, it sits nicely in your hand and for those of us with smaller hands – it’s not pushing the limit on one hand texting.

See full specs of the phone here.

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**The phone is waterproof to up to 1 metres of water however, I didn’t test this due to it being a review model (and knowing me, I’d do something klutzy and push it past the limit).


IMG_20151012_082320667 Screenshot_2015-10-12-08-24-03

Sporting a 5 MP camera I took the photos early in the morning on a not-so-light filled day. However, the first one with little Andy was inside the office with loads of downlights and the second is through the window to the outside street.

The full screen picture-snap option I’m of two minds about – I love that I don’t have a small spot where I can hit it to take the picture, the whole screen is the button. On the other hand, focusing the image takes a little more patience as you don’t have the focus point on the screen.


Screenshot_2015-10-12-08-24-21 Screenshot_2015-10-12-08-25-02

It has the same feel as a Galaxy Nexus but with the higher res screen and a few of the added Motorola features. While it’s a slick little phone, if you’re looking for something a little on the cutting-edge design scale, I wouldn’t recommend this phone.

However, if you’re looking for a phone that’s comfortable to hold, and comes without a bucket load of bloatware and for a reasonable price then this phone would work perfectly.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth view, check out another review here.