Wentworth Season 4 Confirmed Foxtel and FremantleMedia Australia announce production set for spring 2015

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Media Release: Friday, February 27, 2015

Foxtel and FremantleMedia Australia today announced production on the fourth season of the internationally acclaimed drama Wentworth will be underway in Melbourne in the second half of this year.

Season 3 wrapped production in August and will premiere on Foxtel’s SoHo channel on Tuesday April 7, at 8.30pm EST.

Then the fourth season of 12 episodes will make Wentworth Foxtel’s longest running Australian drama series. Wentworth is a FremantleMedia Australia production for Foxtel and premiered in 2013. The series is distributed by FremantleMedia International and is now seen in more than 80 countries, including New Zealand, the UK and US.

Wentworth S4 will premiere in Australia on SoHo in 2016.

Foxtel Head of Drama Penny Win said “All of us at Foxtel and FremantleMedia Australia are extremely proud of Wentworth and the passionate bond the series has forged with drama lovers, starting with our discerning Foxtel subscribers and expanding to captivate audiences around the world.”

FremantleMedia Australia Director of Drama and Wentworth executive producer Jo Porter said “Without wanting to give away any specific spoilers from season three, suffice to say it builds to a fabulous crescendo that in turn has given our season four writers a fantastic launch pad to explore what is next for the complex and compelling characters of Wentworth. Our loyal Wentworth fans are not going to be disappointed and I know our amazing cast and crew are going to relish bringing to life these potent stories.”

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Video of the Day (Introducing Musixmatch Lyrics Button on Spotify desktop)

This looks Great :)
You can Read more here

Youtube Channel


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Video of the Day (iPad – Make a film with iPad)

Check out this cool Video. :)

Youtube Channel


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Our Android Week 2/23/2015

Check it out. :)

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Foxtel iQ3 Update

i just got a email from Foxtel about iQ3
it will be out by March.

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.13.33 pm

here the email i got from Foxtel.
leave a comment on what you think about this.


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Forza 5 for the xbox one review by jacob

$40 usd for the Xbox one


first off this is a top notch racing game that has cars from Nissan, Ford,Fiat,Dodge and many others that are dlc’s with the cars you can design and customize how you like it.

for me i just got the game last week.

game play

its very realistic hd game it blew my mind when i started playing it. i love it when you can play tracks from around the world and play with people from around the world from the USA to Australia.and the sun is so bright like the real thing you would have to ware sunglasses to play the game.

they have the function to rewind time before you crashed. you can go all the way back to the point you crashed in. it feels like the back to the future movies go back and fix your mistake. but in real life you don’t get that chance to fix it you will die or be a bag of broken bones if you tried this in real life


the music for the game is so relaxing at times. sometimes it will pick out the best track for the race. but you cant pick your own music i wish it had that so i could put on some AC/DC or some Rob Zombie or some old 80’s music


you can get cars all the way back to the 1960,s to the cars of 2015’s.right now im playing with a Dotson from the 80’s these cars look like there real life counterparts.some of the cars you will have to buy with real money same with the tokens so you can buy upgrades for your cars.



cheers jacob

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