Video of the Day (Watch Beastie Boys’ Mike D Praise the Influence of Grunge)

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Our Android Week 7/29/2014

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Foxtel applauds Government action to stem online piracy

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Thank you To David Sims for sending me Media Release: Wednesday, July 30, 2014.

Represents a positive step in protecting the hard work of content creators and distributors

Foxtel today welcomed the arrival of the Government’s discussion paper outlining possible steps designed to protect the rights of content creators and distributors from online piracy. Foxtel is pleased at the Government’s recognition of the importance of the creative industries to the economy and society.

Richard Freudenstein, Foxtel Chief Executive Officer, said, “illegal downloading is not just an issue for businesses, it affects the livelihoods of actors, writers, directors, set designers, caterers and everyone else involved in the production of these programs. Foxtel acknowledges the comments in the discussion paper that everyone has a part to play in reducing the incidents of online piracy and we look forward to constructively engaging in the discussion of how to give effect to the principles that underpin the Government’s position.”
Foxtel believes the responsibility for combating illegal downloading doesn’t just stop with the government, it’s something that needs to be shouldered by everyone. Government should put in place a regulatory system that encourages legitimate use and discourages illegitimate use of content, while content owners need to make content available quickly and conveniently. ISP’s should also assist by mitigating, to the extent they can, use of their networks for unauthorised purposes. All parties have an obligation to ensure that consumers are educated about the implications of unauthorised use of content and how to get access to legitimate sources of content.

For its part, Foxtel goes to great lengths through its “Express from the US” effort to bring content to subscribers as soon as possible. Moreover, Foxtel has made a massive investment to maximise the number of ways in which people enjoy content by making it available on tablets, mobile phones and other popular devices, while offering flexible, no lock-in contract, subscription via its internet delivered service, Foxtel Play.

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TW:298 Josh Armour

TW:298 Josh Armour from Tech Webcast. Like this? Watch the latest episode of Tech Webcast on Blip!

Talk to Josh about his wrestling website along with tech news of the week.

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Video of the Day (Bitspiration 2014: Interview with Keith Teare)

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BBC Worldwide ANZ appoints new Head of Legal

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Thank you to BBC First for sending me this.:)

BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand (ANZ) has announced its new Head of Legal, Emren Kara. His specialist background in digital media will be an asset to the company as it grows in the region.
Emren comes to BBC Worldwide with a wealth of experience from Mi9 – the digital arm of Nine Entertainment – where he managed all legal, compliance and regulatory work across the company’s businesses and assets, including and
Emren will report to Fiona Lang, who held the role until May when she was promoted to BBC Worldwide’s Chief Operating Officer.
In this role he will oversee the day-to-day management and operations for BBC Worldwide’s legal functions, covering many areas of business and commercial activity, including television sales, digital distribution and channels operations.
Emren will also oversee editorial compliance in the region, and will manage local corporate governance for BBC Worldwide ANZ. COO Fiona Lang said that Emren’s appointment demonstrates how the company is growing strategically in a new media environment.
“Emren is a great addition to the BBC Worldwide ANZ business, bringing commercial pragmatism with outstanding legal ability.
“His experience in digital media and new business activity illustrates how BBC Worldwide is growing to accommodate the changing needs of its audience.”
Emren says: “I have nothing but admiration for the integrity, values and quality of the BBC and so it’s both an honour and a thrill to be joining the BBC Worldwide family.
“I’m looking forward to playing my part in growing the BBC Worldwide portfolio in Australia and New Zealand and all the opportunities and challenges that will inevitably bring.”
Emren starts on 4 August.


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