This is going to be a three part review to the new Google Nexus 7 tablet running Jellybean version of the Android OS.

Part I: Anticipation
Here I’ll talk about what it’s like before I get device, what I’ve heard, and what I’m looking forward too.

Part II: Actualization
My first hands on experience with the tablet, how fresh it feels, how it compares to my other Android experiences and of could compared to the iPad

Part III: Aftermath
And after the glow of ‘new toy’ wears off what are we left with, will I be a hard core user, maybe get a bump up to medium, or will it be regulated to the occasion check in when I think about it.

Part I: Anticipation
The nerd in me can not help but want to fall in love with Android but I haven’t yet.  I love the idea, the concept, what it represents and how open the platform is but it’s been a bit scattered and I was worried that it would go the way of Linux on the PCs but by pulling some major supporters and having Google continue to push the development of Android it has continued to refine itself into a major player and one of the major operating systems in the mobile market.

And in their lasted revision dubbed ‘Jellybean’ they have made some major improvements that have peeked my curiosity so I’ve got myself signed up to get one of the Nexus 7s the first tablets to be released with the new OS.  By the time I get home from my road trip the Nexus 7 should be sitting there waiting for me.

I’m excited about checking out Google Now, it’s answer to Apple’s Siri and then some.  Pulling in information based on location, time, and history to pull together a sloth of information about what’s going on.   I’ve heard they’ve refined interface animations with their new ‘project butter’ that is suppose to step up the animation to 60fps.  And I dig the idea of facial recognition to unlock the device as well.

I’m also very interested in the 7″ form factor.  I currently have an Amazon Kindle Fire that I ended up not using as much as I anticipated.  Mostly because while lighter than my iPad the Fire is still not quite that perfect weight that the Kindle eInk readers are for bed time reading.  I understand we might not ever get >that< level of lightness in a durable screen but I’m eager to see if the difference between the Nexus and the Fire is going to be that sweet spot.

This will also be my first Google Nexus branded device, I’ve played around with a couple of Android phones by HTC, Samsung and some other cheap manufacturers that also build these sub $100 POS tablets that I think has really muddy the water for the general public, but that’s part of the problem with open-ness to truly be open you have to allow these to be created.

At this stage I’m super stoked I think almost as stoked as when I picked up my first iPod touch.  That idea of knowing to a certain degree what to expect but not exactly sure of how it’s going to feel until you have it actually in your hands.

The anticipation is growing with each review and unboxing I see, and the fact that it sounds like its selling out at all the major retailers carrying it, makes me wonder if the Nexus 7 is the tablet to finally break the trend or be yet another device that spikes at launch and then fizzles in the long run.

Without touching the device yet, I can tell you it already puts the current Kindle Fire on notice, if Amazon doesn’t turn around an updated version for the same price, Nexus 7 is going to steal its thunder.  The only advantage the Fire has is the access to Amazon’s VOD everything else can be loaded directly onto the Nexus 7, and I’m sure with a little side loading and hacking you could even get that working.

Will 7 be Google’s lucky number?  Or will Apple blow us out of the water with an October surprise and launch a mini iPad?  Only time will tell!

Bily Foster

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