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psp modchip

About the upcoming PSP ModChip … If you haven't noticed by now we're now sporting some ads for We've setup a deal with them to get a modchip ASAP. The moment we get a ModChip from them we're cranking out the next episode on the installation and use of the modchip. Assuming all goes well you should expect this ModChip episode in the latter part of next week. In return for this support we're asking our viewers to order their modchips through any of the links for on our site … such as this link right HERE. It's thanks to them that we'll be able to crank out 2 more episodes: Episode 16 – DevHook Sample Loader, Addendum to DAXZISO Loader for this weekend Episode 17 – ModChip episode when we install our ModChip.HERE



MXNA on PSP As MXNA has become a very popular aggregator, I often like to check it out in not-so-popular browsers. The Playstation Portable 2.0 firmware (currently available in Japan and due any time now in the US) includes a reasonably full-featured web browser – and although the English release date for the firmware has slipped a bit, I wanted to confirm that MXNA looks feels and acts just as you'd expect on the PSP (Japanese v2.0 firmware used here).

PSP Time

up dates well got my psp it cool well off to play psp


Hey watch this space there more to come. 🙂//” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Live Post I for TO Say I Be Doing Pod Cast on Psp and other stuff good nite


Note from -Rob.: Can anyone make sense of what this actually says, cos I sure can't. LOL 😮

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