Zapd is a great app for “beautiful websites in 60 seconds”.  You can post texts, pictures, and links about your everyday life in your choice of three different layouts:

  1. Grid layout: rows of image thumbnails.
  2. Marquee layout: large cover image at top of your page .
  3. Vertical blog style: singe column of image thumbnails.

These layouts look great on large screens like iPads and Macs.  However, all three of these layouts look the same on a smartphone,  which is a column of pictures with captions on it.

Zapd also includes a tab for collaborating with others of your interest where you can accept, post, and rearrange on your page to your liking.  Ever run out of ideas and need to get inspired? Go under the featured tab and check out what others have posted.  Posting pictures is also a breeze as you can upload batches from your library or by taking a photo on the spot.  Pictures can be edited by enhance, effects, orientation, crop, brightness, contrast, saturation, and sharpness.

Bottom line? Layouts are beautiful, but I hate how all of them look the same on a smartphone except for the colors. Makes me wonder what’s so different about it compared with apps like Instagram.  Other than that, Zapd is great for devices with larger screens so you can actually see the type of layout you’re using.

Signing out!