WWE 2k 16

Is $29.99 USD

The game is based on the WWE series that is on tv like Monday night raw,smackdown, the main event,nxt.

In this game, you can make your own wrestler you can be a man or a woman and if you wanted to you can be an alien or et if you wanted to. You can use most of the retro wrestlers like jimmy Snuka or dusty roads and you can fight for the old retro belts One cool thing is you can make your own title belts like the pros have it with ranges up to gold and platinum.and you can make any match that was on the show like hell in a cell and tables ladders and chairs my fave is the ladder matches so much mayhem and with the caw create a wrestler you can pick out your attire your flags,your nickname,where you are from,and how they announce your caw nickname and have a twitter like the pros do it shows up in the entrance while you are walking down to the stage/ring and having a lot of pyrotechnics going off as well if you had them turned on and the camera views and speaking of camera views you can have them set up to move with you or you can use the presets from your favorite wrestler which you choose and you can pick your own move set or make your own move set I only chooseCena’s move set he is the best I can manage to play with he has the five knuckle shuffle

Cheers Jacob