World-first program sees injuries eliminated from professional sports people.
Richard Maloney shares his step-by-step program for players and parents who worry about their children’s sporting futures
Professional sportsmen and sportswomen no longer have to imagine a life where performing at their highest peak is a given and injury is no longer a concern.

Through a new ground-breaking program developed by Melbourne mental health sports coach, Richard Maloney, this is now a reality with scores of elite athletes from around the world endorsing the system.

Injury Free | Mental Training for Elite Athletes (Lifestyle Entrepreneur Press) by Richard Maloney takes readers on an epic and life-changing journey through Maloney’s ground-breaking ‘Quality Mind’ program and provides the tools to alleviate injury and break the negative cycles and limiting beliefs that hold players back.

Accompanying the Amazon No.1 best seller book is a free Quality Mind app, which is equivalent to athletes having a performance coach in their pocket.

As Maloney explains, injuries take a devastating financial and emotional toll on athletes no matter what level they compete at. The Quality Mind program is for athletes training for the Olympics, for professional players in elite codes and even for someone just trying to improve their golf game.

“The key to being injury free is continuously becoming self-aware by connecting to your heart space and getting in touch moment by moment with your innate intuition, and then letting life flow to you,” he said.

Maloney outlines seven common areas where athletes can continually break down with injuries as well as mental health issues:

Not managing pressure from the media and parents (for younger athletes)
Not 100% focussed
Lacking self-worth
Not listening to their body (eg fatigue)
Not unconditionally excited
Being an inconsistent performer

“As an elite athlete, your highest excitement is performing on the big stage, entertaining the crowds and dominating the play,” Maloney writes. “When you become worried or fearful of what other people think, or whether something’s going to happen, you get out of alignment with your true potential.”

“Nine times out of ten, I can now accurately predict when an athlete I’m working with is going to get injured, and through my twenty years of working with high-performing people and athletes, I’ve built a tangible, proven, step-by-step system to eradicate injury and improve performance.”

The Injury Free self-coaching book and app will unlock inner super-powers, resulting in the best sports performances possible, as well as increased happiness, health, wealth and thriving relationships. This is achieved through practical, actionable and proven mental training.

Injury Free teaches readers how to:
Unlock their ultimate sports capability while minimising or eliminating sports injuries and significantly increasing play time.
Unleash new levels of energy and passion.
Release inner fears and dissolve limiting beliefs that are inhibiting success.
Discover and explore their higher mind and the extraordinary powers and abilities that this affords once recognised.
The book reveals the 5-step process allowing them to reach their potential: Evaluate (where are you now/where do you want to be?); Retrain (discovering another way); Clean (making room for the new); Dream (creating the new you); and Live (become the new you).

Richard says that many high-profile players who start with great potential and then drop off are not mentally equipped, “They don’t have a strong mental foundation,” he said. “It’s the same for young kids who crash out. The pre-season provides so much pressure.”

Injury Free has numerous case studies from athletes who have experienced the program and its overwhelmingly positive outcomes, and who are now reaping the rewards. This includes:

* Shaun Higgins from the North Melbourne Football Club who says that it has been the secret to his success. Shaun won the team’s best and fairest in 2017 and 2018 and was named an All-Australian in 2018 at 30 years old.

* Tiarna Ernst, a doctor at Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital and an AFLW player who now plays with the Gold Coast Suns after three years with the Western Bulldogs where she won a premiership in 2018. Juggling two vocations successfully is attributed to Richard’s program.

* Easton Wood from the Western Bulldogs Football Club. Easton won the Club Best and Fairest and was selected All-Australian in 2015. In 2016 Easton captained the team to a winning premiership.

* Laura Attard from Carlton Football Club who says, “the work is on my mind and yet the impact on my body has been so positive”.

Injury Free | Mental Training for Elite Athletes introduces a world-first, proven activation system, teaching athletes, sports managers and coaches how to handle the high pressure of elite sports and consistently reach the pinnacle of performance, game after game.

Injury Free has an RRP of $35.95 (paperback version with app included) and is available from all good bookstores and online at An eBook is available for $2.99.