Well got windows7 on my netbook today have to say it look great and it runs very well
windows7 is very good use here some info of my netbook
here are screen shot 🙂
When power is at the service of a vision, it is a true strength. The 10.1” Aspire One is powered by the Intel® Atom™ processor N270, built with the world’s smallest transistors and designed specifically for incredibly low idle power consumption so that a 7-hour battery life
** becomes a reality. True mobility is defined by the freedom it can offer. The 10.1” Aspire One delivers power, performance and all the freedom that comes with it.
** for models with 57.7 W 5200 mAh 6-cell Li-ion battery pack

more soon !
all so check techwebcast out
can not for get Bilsta57 podcast i love doing it so much fun to do!