Voxer is an all-in-one instant messenger that includes text, voice, photo and location sharing, group chats, and Facebook integration.

Like any other messengers, Voxer has free text messaging.  Just click on the bottom right icon to start typing and your messages will be shown in bubbles along with your picture, name, date, and time.  Looking for the friend you’re talking to? No worries! A gray icon on the bottom right of the bubble allows you to pin point where exactly your friends are at unless they turned off location services.
Chatting it up with Brad from Techwebcast:

As for photo sharing, click on the bottom left icon to choose a photo from your library or take one on the spot.
Choose and upload:        Thumbnail View:            Full View:

Integrated walkie-talkie is what made this messenger app unique from other messengers.  To leave a voicemail, all you have to do is hold the talk button until you’re done with your message.  The recipient can choose when they want to hear it and to hear it as many times they want.


-Texting while driving is dangerous and that’s why Voxer’s walkie-talkie function allows me to say what I want while driving and hear received messages whenever it is safe for me to hear (like when I stop at a stoplight).

-Voxer’s layout also makes it very simple to navigate.

-Capable of blocking:

-No multiple photo sharing
-Should have a preview of voice messaging before sending

Signing out!