Tivo premiere USD $99.00

Hello im Jacob today i will be showing off and talking about the Tivo premiere.

first off saying if you need a good DVR tivo is your best bet ive had the box for a long time because we moved from sat to cable TV provider.  It is the best when you want to transfer stuff from the PC/Mac I use vuse to transfer whatever i need.I use the tivo to store my long plays. I love the remote its so easy to use all of the buttons were so easy to learn. And the remote is lighter than the old one i had was the Direct TV Tivo remote for the Tivo. brad from Tech-webcast sponsored me the Tivo. And the new Tivo bolt i would like to try it out but my Tivo i have now does what i need it to do for my liking. the tivo UI is the fastest and the cleanest with recent updates to the Tivo. It has a 500gb hd more than 200 hours and 2 tuners that is all i need.And checkout the 2 videos below