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MEDIA RELEASE: Thursday, November 13, 2014

Brand new 10-part interview series features a stunning lineup of celebrated Australians including Jimmy Barnes, Maggie Beer, Kasey Chambers,
Russell Crowe, Tim Farris, Claudia Karvan, Guy Pearce and Kat Stewart

“My friend Mickey cried on the way home from our interview on The Truth About Us and during dinner that night. It meant a lot to him to celebrate our long collaboration,
as it did to me too.” Russell Crowe

Starts Monday, December 1 at 7.30pm EDT on Bio

On Monday, December 1 at 7.30pm EDT, Bio will launch a revealing new interview series, The Truth About Us.

Featuring a stellar lineup of Australian talent, this unique 10 x 30 minute series celebrates the power of human connections and the ways in which they shape and define us.

Each week, a celebrated Australian is interviewed alongside a person who truly matters to them, as they both openly explore and share their relationship with one another.

Hosted by Angela Pulvirenti, also the show’s creator and producer, The Truth About Us explores a diverse range of people and types of relationships, from father and son to childhood friends, to long time, life-changing collaborations.

All have one thing in the common – they are sitting beside someone they love and respect and as a result, the interviews are intimate, authentic and often incredibly revealing.

Episode one features Academy Award-winning actor Russell Crowe and his colourful onset costumer and dresser, 72 year-old New Yorker Mickey Castellano.

Friends and collaborators for almost 20 years, Mickey and Russell first met on the 1995 set of Virtuosity and from 1998 to 2010, Mickey travelled the world with Russell on every film he made.

“The Truth About Us was a truly enjoyable experience for me and an overwhelming one for my long time mate and costumer, Mickey Castellano. Mickey has never been interviewed before on any medium, let alone about his connection to me,” said Russell Crowe.

“He used to be so tough and edgy, but now, as Angela Pulvirenti captured so deftly in her interview, he is a lovely beating heart of emotion.”

The Truth About Us features the following guest lineup:

Episode 1: Russell Crowe and costumer Mickey Castellano
Episode 2: Jimmy Barnes and Michael Gudinski
Episode 3: Maggie Beer and Stephanie Alexander
Episode 4: David Williamson and Felix Williamson
Episode 5: Claudia Karvan and Rev. Graham Long
Episode 6: Alex Perry and stylist Trevor Stones
Episode 7: Kasey Chambers and ‘roadie’ Steve Werchon
Episode 8: Kat Stewart and writer/director/actor Ailsa Piper
Episode 9: Guy Pearce and musician Tim Neal
Episode 10: Tim Farriss and Chris Murphy

“The Truth About Us celebrates the fact that everyone, big and small, famous and non-famous, needs connections in their lives to make it worth living,” said presenter and producer Angela Pulvirenti.

“The feedback from the guests appearing on the series has been overhelmingly positive and I am delighted to have been given this opportunity by Foxtel to bring this format to life so fully.”

Said Foxtel’s General Manager of Factual Channels, Jim Buchan: “The Truth About Us is a fantastically intimate series concept. The strong lineup of Australian personalities and access to their close friendships that transcend celebrity will give viewers a relatable, emotional and very entertaining experience.”

The Truth About Us is produced by Internal Laundry Productions Pty Ltd and is exclusive to Foxtel.