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Despite a belief by some in the community that Foxtel is not affordable, it actually is. I am only on a modest salary of $51,000 and can afford to have pay TV. For me to have all the Foxtel channels, which includes movies, sport, entertainment, news, documentaries and music it costs $27 a week or $109 a month.

People are willing to pay $20 to see one movie, plus the added expense of popcorn and soft drink but won’t pay $27 a week for Foxtel, which releases Box Office movies for $5.50 to watch within 48 hours.

I find some free to air TV channels do not broadcast sporting events like the AFL, Melbourne Cup and cricket in high-definition [HD] but with Foxtel all their sports coverage is broadcast in HD. That is value for money right there and is so worth it.

An added bonus is the Foxtel Go app, where you can watch your favourite shows on the go or record programs from a different location when you are out with friends. So if you were at a concert and forgot to record a program you would not have to go home to record it.

Foxtel is definitely value for money and not a waste of money.

By Belinda Demy-Geroe

Twitter: @bdemy

Facebook: Belinda Demy-Geroe