Media Release: Tuesday May 30, 2017
The A-Pop Show
Tuesdays from June 6 at 8pm on [V] HITS or stream instantly on Foxtel Play

With banging beats, wicked dance moves, killer raps, soaring vocals and immersive video clips, Asian Pop is the latest craze taking the music world – and [V] HITS – by storm. Join [V] HITS each week for an hour of the biggest K-pop, J-pop, C-pop and T-pop hits and discover a whole new world of pop from Korea’s boy band BTS to Japan’s singer-songwriter Utada.

We all know Psy, but what other pop-tastic gold does Asia have on offer? The A-Pop Show will play a mix of new and old songs, profile the biggest artists in each sub-genre, and also chat with some of the biggest A-Pop fans.

Fraser Stark, Foxtel’s Arts & Music Channel Manager said, “The huge and passionate Asian Pop fan base here in Australia continues to grow and we’re very excited to get behind the A-Pop genre bringing the latest and favourite hits to Foxtel. It’s testament to the success of A-Pop artists in our local market to see a sold out BTS show last week in Sydney, and the KCON festival scheduled for the first time in Australia this year.”

Thanks to a massive fan base that stretches around the globe with a staggering 5.9 million Twitter followers and another 3.6 million on Instagram, K-Pop’s BTS overtook pop superstars like Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez to capture the Top Social Artist Award during the 2017 Billboard Music Awards with over 300 million votes. BTS made global headlines by announcing they would be in Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards ceremony, and their presence dominated social media during the red carpet.

Tune in to [V] HITS Tuesdays from June 6 at 8pm – or stream instantly on Foxtel Play – to see the latest and greatest in A-Pop hits and pick up the best of what the Asian Pop scene is putting down.

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