Telstra Broadcast Services chooses Magna Systems and RTS ODIN OMNEO digital intercom for global install

SYDNEY, 28 August 2019 – Telstra Broadcast Services (TBS) provides innovative, specialised services for international broadcasters, rights-holders, content creators and sporting bodies. They enable content to be delivered faster, managed more easily and properly monetised. TBS reaches audiences in Asia and around the world, their broadcast services are delivered over a robust global media network, supported by international field operations and special events teams, and their worldwide broadcast operations centres. Recently they had the requirement for a new, cutting-edge digital intercom solution and for that they chose the RTS ODIN supplied by Magna Systems and Engineering.

Head of Architecture & Integration, Carl Petch, explained, “TBS needed to replace our old, domestically-orientated intercom system as amongst other things it was end of life and not IP based. We wanted to overlay a new digital intercom matrix solution to our network in Asia Pacific region and then globally. When we assessed all the options the clear winner that best suited our requirements was the RTS ODIN supplied by Magna Systems.”

Petch and TBS’ requirements for the new intercom solution were comprehensive to say the least.

He continued, “We wanted a single, interchangeable IP solution that could seamlessly work with other intercoms and use technologies such as OMNEO, RVON and 4-wire. We chose ODIN as it gave us all of this in a comprehensive but compact 1RU package that’s easily scalable.”

Petch and the RTS team consulted with Magna’s RTS product expert Lucas Bohm to decide on the exact configuration for the new RTS ODIN with Bohn conducting several demos and evaluations for TBS.

Petch added, “Having discussed the RTS ODIN with Lucas it became clear it was the ideal choice for TBS as it can be used behind VPNs, across the Internet and across all forms of contented and uncontended networks for traditional broadcasting and new media. This intercom solved TBS’ network challenge as it was easy to install, easy to operate and easy to overlay across our existing networks.”

TBS also use the RTS ODIN solution in ENG and SNG trucks through a cellular connection.

Petch said, “Not only does it work across all of our networks but it packs an incredible amount of features into a very compact package. The fact that it’s easily scalable at a very competitive price point means we get almost all the features of a typical ‘frame and card’ solution but at a fraction of the cost.”

The ODIN’s feature-packed frame and cost effectiveness is something Petch stressed as being a major reason for their purchase of the new system as he concluded, “Having RVON support in a single 1RU box is excellent. The fact that ODIN supports different network standards and has built-in OMNEO technology is another big plus. Then the fact that there are enough I/O to use OMNEO and RVON within this compact 1RU box where historically we would have needed a frame and card-based solution really is a major bonus. ODIN is not only cheaper than the frame and card solution but it’s more flexible and more scalable which means TBS can roll them out easily and cost effectively.”

TBS’ Asia Pacific install of the RTS ODIN OMNEO digital intercom solution is now complete and phase two which involves installing the solution across their EMEA and USA communication networks is currently underway.

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RTS ODIN OMNEO digital intercom matrix