Okay I am completely torn up over the whole situation. It’s like that significant other you really, really, really love. But they’re crazy and you just can’t be with them. Google and ASUS makes for a love hate relationship. Google has got the best damn piece of crap tablet out there. And the big part of the problem is hardware.

My first Nexus 7 tablet came with a blown speaker, and while annoyed I was pleasantly surprised when I the replacement came and it sounded much much clearer I was relieved, over joyed in fact. I took to the web and started announcing my joy.

And then I actually started to use it.

First the software that can be, or on the way of getting fixed. While you are told that your devices is backed up to your Google Account it is not. Your ‘cloud’ items are backed up but no settings or application data UNLESS the app supports it. So I was left to manually reconfigure the new device. Okay not really THAT big a deal I only had it for a week, it’s not like I had that much loaded that I wanted to keep. I also tried a couple different things that I figured I’d skip this time around.

And now the real problem, as I was loading up the Apps from the Google Play store I kept hearing this sticking sound. Further investigating revealed on the left side of my Nexus 7 the screen was starting to separate from the bezel.

So I called Google and we are working to resolve the issue, however it is very upsetting that I’ll have to send back another device. And the folks at Google sound just as upset over the situation and are throwing ASUS under the bus for the build quality. So yeah I’ve stop telling people the need to check out the Nexus 7 until they can resolve these hardware issues. And what this really means is Samsung, Sony, Acer and any other Android tablet maker can take the lessons learned here and step up the game. It also means Apple and Amazon get an opportunity to grab the 7′ tablet space.

I didn’t bunch Amazon in with the other tablet makers since they have tweaked Android to the point at the average user doesn’t get the kind of access you do from real Android experiences. On that note if Amazon does come out with an upgraded Kindle Fire with all the bells and whistles but not have Jellybean, I don’t know if I’ll be as interested. I have come to love the customization of Android and secretly I long for a 10″ tablet running Jellybean too but more on that later.

I’ve heard some people complaining that the bevel on the Nexus 7 is to large and I have to say I disagree. There are times where I keep wanting to hit the non existent home button, but after doing some gaming and actually using it in the real world I’m actually glad that the home button is gone. I am less prone to hit it. And while I do not have the biggest hands I still occasionally grab to much and trigger touch events on the edges so I disagree with that assessment.

On the unit with the good speaker the sound was much better, clear and crisp so let’s hope once the bugs are worked out of the manufacturing the Nexus 7 will earn a buy recommendation again.

In the meantime it’s back to the grind stone for me, but coming up are some App reviews! Did you get a Nexus 7? If so did you have and issues? What did you spend you $25 Google Play credit on? Apps, Music, Movies or Books and Magazines? Let me know on my G+ account!

Bily Foster