The Duet Display mac app costs its free and the ios app costs $18.99

The Duet Display is one of the best apps I have ever downloaded for my iPad. To get the app all you need to do is buy it from the App Store, install it on your iPad and Apple Mac, then plug your iPad into your Mac.

Having your iPad as a second screen next to your Mac is very handy and cool, particularly if you need to do two tasks at a time. I really like how you can move a web page from your MacBook Pro to iPad Air 2.

Another brilliant feature is being able to open various apps on your MacBook from the iPad. With the Duet Display app you will be more productive, having two screens that are going to get the job done more efficiently. IMG_3781

By Belinda Demy-Geroe

Twitter: @bdemy

Facebook: Belinda Demy-Geroe