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Protective Sleeve Deluxe for Macbook Pro 13″ by Incase Review by Irene Ga Yu Cheung

Needed some extra protection for my 13″ MacBook Pro so I grabbed myself a Protective Sleeve Deluxe for Macbook Pro 13″ by Incase from the Apple store at $49.95.  If you would like to check this out online, you would probably have to go to Apple’s online store as I can’t seem to find it on Incase’s website.

IMG_2707 IMG_2708

First off, this comes in three colors: black, dark gray, and white.  The one I have is white artificial leather with dark magenta zippers, gray faux fur lining in the main pocket, and dark magenta lining for the external pocket.  However, getting a white sleeve is more prone to getting dirty if you don’t take care of it.

What I like about this sleeve is that there is an external pocket for me to store my power adapter and earphones in (sometimes my wallet if I’m too lazy to carry a purse).  This sleeve also includes a MagSafe access zipper for easy charging while having my MacBook protected at the same time.
IMG_2716 IMG_2712

This sleeve is made to protect your MacBook from getting scratches, but will not protect it from a hardcore fall since there seems to be only a quarter of an inch of foam padding from within.  Because of the artificial leather on the outside, there is a decent grip while holding on to this sleeve.   A MacBook Pro with a hardcase can fit this sleeve snugged, but will not fit anything else that is bigger than that.  What I really don’t like about this sleeve is that it’s really hard to zip open and close the pockets.  So, I might return it just because of that.

Oh, I forget, it’s airport friendly. How? Maybe because you’re allowed to put this through the x-ray without having to take your laptop out, but who would want to put a white laptop sleeve in a dirty box?

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