Brilliant, that’s the best word I can use to describe the Smarter Stand. This is by far my most used Kickstarter project and one of my favorite so far.

The idea is simple, the inventor has built plastic clips that reinforce the Smart Cover/Case at the folds to create a some what adjustable stand. The best part it works GREAT with the iPad mini.

When you don’t need the clips just slide them out of the way and they add little to no weight or bulk to your device. You do need to stick on the non-slip rubber stopper unless you use a Smart Case, I’m not thrilled about that. However, on the mini it’s kind of a welcome addition as it doubles as a grip.

You can pick up the Smarter Stand at Right now there is a special when for the price of two you get three clips for $14.99. You can use the third as a backup, or like us, you can order two and you end up with 3 sets. As any good retailer for the holidays they are offering 15% off a purchase of 3 or more when you use the code HOLIDAYS15 at check out.

Bily Foster – That iPad Guy