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i Need More Subscribers

Hi i love to get more Subscribers it all to do with my podcast Techwebcast some of the videos i be doing reviews un boxings and gaming iphone stuff apps reviews Have to give are huge thank you to Bryce for helping me he made me new intro and background you can go to his blog here all so the name brad20071 that when i made the channel back in 07 thats when i was not doing the techwebcast. so i couldn’t change the name to Techwebcast and i dont really want to start up hole New channel stay tune for more from me and techwebcast i maybe getting other people to rec videos as Well

1 MORE week off techwebcast will be back and better



hey whats up wanna give quick plug to blilsta57 blog his blog is really good he does reviews and ps3 stuff and unboxings hacks iphone stuff go check it out follow him on twitter all so bilst57 takes part on my podcast each week

all so check out glens blog
huge thank you to him he fix my blog is now back working . 🙂


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