As from Tomorrow May 26 Foxtel will be sending out foxtel iQ3 Software update yay 🙂

all the info in the software update is here
iQ3 Software Update

this info is from Foxtel Forum.
iQ3 Software Update

From May 26, 2015 we are releasing the first post-launch software update for iQ3.

This update, iQ3 software version, will roll out automatically to customers across Australia over the next two weeks.

The update will provide several improvements to the iQ3 customer experience including:

Program recordings stored in the Library now play back from the last-viewed position
A reduction in the frequency of iQ3 self-reboots
A reduction in buffering when downloading programming from online sources such as Foxtel Store and Anytime.
Ability to play back recorded programs even if you no longer have the relevant channel pack.
The “HDD Status” (Hard Disk Drive) in Advanced Settings now shows accurately how much recording capacity you have left.
You don’t need to do anything to get the software update. We will push it out to your iQ3 over the next few weeks.

To check your current software version, go to the “settings” menu, select “Advanced Settings” and then “System Details”. Look for “Software Version” or visit Check if you have the latest software.

This software release addresses bugs we identified soon after launch.

Based on customer feedback, we’re now working on the next set of iQ3 improvements including WiFi connectivity and Bluetooth remote operation, which may experience inconsistent performance in some homes due to environmental factors (eg the way a home network is set up).

Resolving these issues is a priority. Customers experiencing issues with their iQ3 should call our technical support team on 131 999.