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2-part special premieres Wednesday, August 26 at 8.30pm only on Foxtel


It’s been a life-long dream for Selling Houses Australia’s landscape gardener, Charlie Albone, to show at the world’s greatest flower show, The Chelsea Flower Show. This year, that dream was realised, and his entry was a very personal one. Cameras captured the emotional and challenging journey as a 2-part special, Charlie’s Chelsea Garden, premiering on Wednesday, August 26 at 8.30pm on The LifeStyle Channel, only on Foxtel.

In 2014, Charlie begins to conceive the design for the garden that he’ll submit for consideration in the 2015 Chelsea Flower Show. To learn what happens behind the scenes at world’s most-prestigious flower show, and just what it takes to produce the perfect garden, he decides to work for British horticultural legend, Alan Titchmarsh, on his 2014 Chelsea garden. After speaking to some of the world’s best designers at the show, it becomes very clear to Charlie that whatever his design, there needs to be passion.

His hopeful entry, “The Time in Between”; will be a garden dedicated to his father, who passed away when he was only 17-years-old – a place to make-up for missed memories and where, if his father were here, they would share a conversation. His design will have to be accepted first, and it’s a long wait for the letter of invitation finally arrives. But their excitement soon turns to panic at the loss of the major sponsor for the project and Charlie faces the prospect of re-mortgaging his family home.

With extreme budget constraints, and increasingly expensive materials, Charlie is struggling – his bold design and high-risk materials could be his undoing. As he watches all the other gardens around him take shape, he begins to feel completely out of his depth. It’s a race against time, as each element of the garden comes with its own unique set of challenges.

Opening day arrives, the public stream in and the judging commences. Charlie reflects on the life-changing experience of The Chelsea Flower Show and how the garden is the culmination of his personal story, his professional ambition and his life-long dream. He thinks his dad would be pretty proud too.

Charlie’s Chelsea Garden is produced by hsquared exclusively for Foxtel’s The LifeStyle Channel and airs Wednesday, August 26 and Wednesday, September 2 at 8.30pm.