F50 flip phone and F48 candy bar phone

SYDNEY, 1 May 2024 – 2024 will see many things in the mobile phone space with one of the most significant and concerning being the complete shutdown of the 3G network by all Australian telcos. In order to combat confusion around this for some, Aspera Mobile has launched its two most straightforward and easy to use phones, the $99 F50 flip phone and the $69 F48 candy bar phone.

(l-r) F50 flip phone in charging cradle and open

Aspera MD Allan Robertson explained, “At Aspera we understand that some people want to keep it simple and not everyone needs all the functionality of a smartphone, nor the distractions that can come with being permanently connected. For these people phones that are simple and easy to use are the best way forward and those two features are perfectly embodied by the F50 and F48.”

F48 candy bar phone

With the F50 and F48 Aspera Mobile took onboard and answered some key market requirements. For the F50 the first was to satisfy the demand for those users who do not require a smartphone. The second was to provide a 4G upgrade option for the many thousands of people whose basic 3G phone will stop working when the Australian 3G mobile networks are switched off this year. The third, as always with Aspera Mobile phones, was to deliver a value for money solution with some desirable features such as a charging cradle with USB-C connection and a potentially lifesaving SOS button for emergency calls.

F50 in red, closed and showing its SOS button

Robertson continued, “Let’s be clear, these phones have simple, basic but essential features. More often than not they are used by the young or elderly who simply want to make and receive calls and send and receive texts. That said, they play a very important role in the broader mobile phone ecosystem. We also usually associate 4G networks with smartphones and fast data speeds, but not everyone is looking for these things. Our view is that, with the added function of one-touch SOS calls and a USB-C charging cradle the F50 offers something completely different to a smartphone, especially for older people who want to keep things simple.”

Aside from different form factors the F50 and the F48 have very similar specifications, with some subtle differences. The main ones being the F50’s SOS button and charging cradle. Both phones boast Bluetooth, a loudspeaker and an FM radio function.

The Aspera F50 comes in two colours, red and midnight blue with each colour having a “soft touch” feel to it. To keep with global trends and remove the need for changing chargers down the track, as Robertson mentioned, the charge port is USB-C, as is the charging cradle.

Roberston said, “Again, thinking of the younger consumer and in particular seniors and the elderly, having USB-C means there is no need to check which side is up or down on the charging cable as either way works. The charging cradle is a real bonus particularly for those less dexterous as it offers the convenience of a permanent location to place the phone for charging. The SOS button could be a real lifesaver as one push of that button will place an emergency call and send a text to a series of pre-defined numbers, which gives great comfort and peace of mind for older people living alone.”

F50 folded, in its cradle and showing its front indicators

Other useful features on the F50 include indicators on the front panel which notify when a call or message is incoming and when the phone is charging. There is also a handy torch function and a simple 2MP camera to capture basic photos or video. Then, without the drain of power-hungry smartphone features, the 1000mAh battery that comes with both F50 and F48 offers days of standby time.

Robertson added, “The F50 comes in two attractive colours and has tactile finish. The F48 is just as simple to use and just does the job its asked to do. They are both extremely good value at $69 for the F48 and $99 for the F50 and are both great 3G to 4G upgrade options. This means when you do upgrade, you can still retain your favourite style of phone.”

For those who want a little bit more there are other Aspera phones, such as the rugged 4G R40 with its IP68 rating against water and dust ingress, that will also be suitable 4G upgrade options for consumers after the 3G shutdown.

Allan Robertson concluded, “With our 4G range there is a model for everyone who still wants to keep and use a more basic style of phone when upgrading from 3G. That said, we still purposely offer choice, excellent value for money, attractively designed phones and features that satisfy users looking at a simpler style of phone throughout the range. The F50 and F48 in particular continue in the theme that Aspera has built its business on over the last 10 years in this market – best value for money propositions, attractive styling and design with an understanding of matching and exceeding user requirements. We know parents, grandparents and even great grand grandparents will be more than happy with these phones and that’s why we made them.”

The $69 F48 and $99 F50 are available now from Big W, Mobileciti, Mobile Experts, Retravison and convenience stores around the country.

Key F50 specifications you get for just $99
4G and 3G Connectivity
2.4″ display
2.0MP rear camera
Messaging SMS and MMS
1000mAh battery
Bluetooth 4.0
FM Radio
Micro SD card to 32GB Maximum

Key F48 specifications you get for just $69
4G and 3G Connectivity
2.4″ display
0.3MP rear camera
Messaging SMS and MMS
1000mAh battery
Bluetooth 5.1
FM Radio
Micro SD card to 32GB Maximum

For more information on the new F50 go to: https://asperamobile.com/phones/easy-phones/aspera-f50/

For more information on the new F48 go to: https://asperamobile.com/phones/easy-phones/aspera-f48/

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Aspera Mobile’s new $99 F50 flip phone in red and midnight blue and $69 F48 candy bar in graphite.


About Aspera Mobile
Founded in 2013, at Aspera we are focused on more than just the latest in mobile technology. We think about how mobile devices and mobile networks can be used to enhance our everyday lives and find solutions for what people really require in a mobile device. This is why our product range now includes three distinct categories – Smart phones, Easy phones and Rugged phones.

Smart Phones – our focus here is providing value for money solutions in smartphones. Our latest releases include the AS8 and AS9 with 4G/3G frequencies on board meaning they will work on all Australian and New Zealand mobile networks.

Easy Phones – Aspera Easy Phones cater for those who prefer a simple phone with physical keypad, mostly using the device for calls and messaging. Including features such as camera, Bluetooth and radio provide useful functionality without needing to step up to a smartphone. Picture messaging, texting and playing music are all useful additions to the basic calling function.

Rugged Phones – Aspera rugged phones are for mobile users who need a high level of protection for their device due to their workplace or active life. Constructed with durability in mind all Aspera rugged devices have a minimum Ingress Protection (IP) 67 rating against the effects of non-corrosive liquids and dust particles. Common design features of the range include body joins that are re-enforced with screws, protective seals over charging port, speaker, mic and earphone jack, toughened scratch resistant glass and rugged outer body for shock absorption.