By Belinda Demy-Geroe

Twitter: @bdemy


Cost: Free one month trial then $10 a month after that. People can sign up now.

After using the Stan streaming service, which is operated by Nine and Fairfax for the past week, I can say that it is fantastic value for money, particularly for movie or premier TV drama lovers. The service offers great Australian movies such as Kenny, Animal Kingdom, Chopper, Wolf Creek, Snowtown and many more.

The content on Stan also includes premier TV drama series like Breaking Bad, Fargo, Dexter, The Good Wife, Jack Irish, Ripper Street and The L Word. The Aussie drama series Underbelly season 1 is also on offer. I am really enjoying watching Breaking Bad from season 1-5 and looking forward to watching Underbelly.

Another great thing about the Stan streaming service is the groundbreaking comedies such as Summer Heights High, Nurse Jackie, Community, Transparent and The Office. I discovered a terrific British comedy called The IT Crowd, which is about a company’s tech department, that is able to repair computers but lacks people skills to get through various social situations.

Other content on offer includes the James Bond Collection, which as a Bond fan I really love, world movies, sci-fi and supernatural, documentaries such as The imposter, sagas, sequels and spinoffs like Lord of the Rings, British TV shows, crime and thrillers and teen movies, old school and preschool programs.

The only downside to Stan is not having any sports content such as cricket, AFL, NRL, soccer and tennis. Being a sports lover this was the only thing that disappointed me but overall it is an outstanding service, which offers a lot. Stan offers a lot more content than its Australian rival Quickflix that I also trialled.

The Stan streaming service will be officially launched in Australia on January 26.