this app is free and you can get it from the links below.

and now for the review.

this is the best app for a remote mouse app is a very good if you are sitting on your bed or you just want a wireless mouse.

and see what i like about it is a clean made app for what i need it to do.

so what i dont like about it nothing. its a very good app for laptops,desktops,ect.

talk about the photos

<1> this is the second window you see when it starts up. and its searching the pc via web/wifi.

<2> this photo is showing the app searching the pc via web/wifi.

<3> in this photo shows the mouse part works just like a touch pad on a laptop.

<4> in this final photo is showing the keyboard part of the app.

and it work great for everyday work if you need an extra mouse.


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app store link

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chaow cheers thanx jacob jones