We’ve all been there before. You’re just about to head out for the night and as you walk out the door, all glammed up, you take a look at your phone and it gives you the dreaded red line right where the battery levels should be. In that very instance you realise you should have had your phone on charge at home, at work, anywhere. But it’s too late now. You turn your screen brightness down but ultimately you know it’s the final move of someone about to go in to checkmate. Good news, the SmarterCharger can get you out of this one!

For years there have been portable battery chargers for your phone. And they’ve been great. But the issue with most is that they’re just too big and bulky. While women can place them in their handbags, they still weigh quite a bit. As for a cute Saturday night purse… forget it. Most have just been too big for that!

The SmarterCharger changes all of that. It fits snug in to your purse, bag and even jeans pocket. I was a little uncertain when I first received a unit in the mail to review, but I have to admit I have been pleasantly surprised. It fits straight in my jeans pocket and I am out the door. Easy as that, and it has to be.

The SmarterCharger offers a full charge from flat on my iPhone and I would guess for most devices. This is a fantastic output for something which is quite light and stores well.  Better still, a friend who uses a Samsung Android handset was frustrated on the weekend because their phone was about to run out of juice. Well, I have an iPhone but I was able to help them out no problems because the SmarterCharger will charge almost any handset. It won’t surprise you to learn that their first question was where can they get one for themselves.

So it sounds fantastic, right? It is. But, I am not overly sure of the cabling they have used. It feels a little flimsy to me. I would love to use it for 6 months and ensure that the plastic coating hasn’t worn away and that the cable feels just as good as it does now. Also, there feels like a bit of play (movement) in the USB cable when you jiggle it around while connected to the charger hub. I accept there’s going to be some movement, however I would have preferred it to be a little sturdier considering this is a device which is going to spend a lot of time in my pocket being aggravated and moved every time I sit down and get up. Time will only tell, but so far so good!

All in all, I highly recommend this device. For the simplicity and price I think it’s an absolute bargain. If it gets you out of a jam only a few times it’s already paid for itself. No more Saturday night stuck in town without a phone. Or having to finish an important business conversation early because your phone is about to crash and burn. You won’t know the feeling of pocket charging your phone till you’ve done it. This is a cool device.

Check out the SmartCharger, and tell them Andrew and Brad sent you along!


By Andrew Cunningham.