Media Release: Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Settle in and Commemorate ANZAC Day this weekend on Foxtel

Friday April 24 to Sunday April 26, 2020

Programs available to screen on Foxtel and stream on Foxtel NOW

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This weekend Foxtel will honour and remember the ANZAC spirit, the mateships forged in the face of adversity, the lives saved, and the lives lost.

Although due to COVID-19 restrictions this year we cannot march – we can still mark the moment.

Over this weekend Foxtel will present a series of remarkable documentaries, inspirational television specials and some of the most memorable sporting games, as well as live coverage on Sky News.

The ANZAC Day commemorative programs are available to screen on Foxtel and stream on Foxtel NOW from 24 – 26 April.

Join Sky News to honour Anzac Day throughout the day on Saturday 25 April live from 5am.

Sky News anchors Tim Gilbert, Jaynie Seal and Tom Connell host Anzac Day Live, as Australians acknowledge this important day of national remembrance from home during COVID-19 restrictions.

As well as featuring commemorative services taking place across the country, Sky News anchors will cross to reporters in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and New Zealand as communities’ honour those who have served.
FOX LEAGUE will mark ANZAC Day with the FOX LEAGUE ANZAC CLASSIC COUNTDOWN featuring 10 of the best games from ANZAC rounds as voted by the public from 7am. The countdown will culminate with live recalls of the number 1 and 2 voted games from 5pm and 7pm.
FOX FOOTY will continue its YOUR TEAM WINS EVERY WEEK programming initiative, including selected games with LIVE recalls. ANZAC Day games marathon will commence at 1pm with a live recall from round 5 of 2009 as Essendon take on Collingwood in the traditional ANZAC Day blockbuster.
Titles available to watch on Foxtel’s HISTORY channel include:

100 Days to Victory
Friday, April 24 at 8.30pm (2 hour special)
Through cinematic recreations, interviews with top historians and state-of-the-art CGI, 100 Days to Victory is a gripping account of the last 100 Days of the First World War, telling the story of how the Allied generals worked together in new ways to win the war.

The Battle of Long Tan
Saturday, April 25 at 3.30pm
This exclusive documentary honours the true story behind the heroic deeds of a group of young Australian and NZ soldiers in one of the most pivotal, dramatic and shocking engagements of the Vietnam War. Now 40 years on, their bravery places a new glow on the ANZAC legend and public perceptions of our role in the Vietnam War.

Jungle War
Saturdays from April 25 at 7.30pm
From battles in the jungles of the Pacific in the Second World War, to the post war conflicts including the Malayan Emergency, the Indonesian Confrontation and the Vietnam War to revolutions in Cuba and Colombia, this series takes viewers on a journey through elements of jungle warfare across decades of the twentieth century. Drawing on archival footage and expert interviews the series examines the commonalities, differences and the evolution of jungle wars across the globe.

Dutch Courage: The Forgotten Squadron
Saturday, April 25 at 8.30pm
In 1942, as the Japanese swept across the Pacific, they invaded the Netherlands East Indies, now Indonesia. When defeat became inevitable, many Dutch pilots escaped to Australia. They became the foundation of a unique air force squadron that played a significant role in harassing the Japanese for the rest of the war. This is their story.

Gallipoli: Last ANZACs Tell All
Saturday, April 25 at 4:00am and 10:30am.
Narrated by Jack Thompson and featuring the last Gallipoli Anzacs this film challenges the widely held perspective of the Gallipoli Campaign and the birth of the Anzac legend. Featuring never before seen interviews, Gallipoli – Last Anzacs Tell All gives the last survivors of the Gallipoli campaign a voice for the century. Interviewed by Dr Jonathan King, a renowned Gallipoli specialist, the politically controversial and passionate anti-government criticism expressed by these last remaining survivors of the landing of Gallipoli, is a poignant reminder that we must not repeat the mistakes of the past.

Western Front: Last Survivors Tell All
Saturday, April 25 at 4:45am
Narrated by Jack ‘Living Treasure’ Thompson, this landmark film commemorates the 100th anniversary of Australia’s worst battle Fromelles with the last ten surviving WWI veterans revealing how 2000 young Australians were killed in one day, in their first Western Front battle, when British Generals ordered them to charge in broad daylight across flat fields towards German machine gunners. These brutally honest old warriors who enlisted at 16 tell horror stories about bungling and bloodshed in battles claiming 46,000 Australians lives that will make viewers weep. Condemning failed British-led Gallipoli as a terrible mistake these centenarians beg Australians to focus on Australian led victories on the Western Front which was five times greater because our soldiers won five times more battles, five times more Victoria Crosses, served there five times longer and sadly lost five times more lives. After hearing these brave soldier’s stories, you’ll never think about WWI in the same light again.

Palestine: Last Lighthorsemen Tell All
Saturday, April 25 at 5:30am
This landmark centennial tribute marks the 100th anniversary of the WWI Battle of Beersheba – one of history’s last successful cavalry charges, mounted by the romantic Australian Light Horsemen against the Turkish enemy in Palestine. The film features unique interviews with Australian veterans, such as Gunner Len Hall, who not only helped capture Beersheba, but also landed at Gallipoli with the Anzacs and rode with the legendary Lawrence of Arabia to capture Damascus.