Printer1Right before the holiday season my Samsung Color Laser died on me, and of course I needed to do some color printing. I’ve long since moved away from Ink jet printing. I just don’t print enough and so much time passes between print jobs that usually the ink dries out and when I go to get replacement Ink it ends up being just a few dollars more for a new printer with a warranty.

It got to the point that my garage looked like an ink jet printer grave yard. So after cleaning out the guts of the relics of the past I switched to color laser.

Printer5But it’s so expensive you might say, well that really depends on your point of view and of course your individual use case. Color Laser printers have dropped dramatically over the last few years.

As I said I usually didn’t run out or use the ink, it typically dried up on me. With laser you get toner that is powder and doesn’t dry up or evaporate. Also ink jet printers seem to have gone back to merging colored inks together so if you run out of yellow you’ve got to buy a whole ‘color’ cartridge vs a laser where you can replace just the toner color your running low on.

PrintSample1Also laser has a crisper and more consistent lines and edges when printing and comes out nice and warm, where an ink jet printer will need time to set and can be smudged when exposed to moisture.

I had my Samsung printer for around 6 years and bought it during the CompUSA going out of business sale. I think it ran about $300 and I never changed the toner on it and I was able to get clean crisp color prints of what I needed. Keep in mind I’m printing color documents and illustrations that are being designed for mass production not photographs. If you’re a big photo printer then laser is NOT the route for you. Photo printing is a different ball of wax.

Printer2Since I had such good luck with my previous Samsung I decided to go ahead and stay with the Samsung line and picked up the CLP-415NW, and I couldn’t be happier! What a step up in printing.

The printer is fast, I mean like B&W laser fast. I’ve gotten a kick out of doing some completely digital drawings on my Samsung Galaxy Note and sending them directly to the printer in full color. Usually they are printed out before I walk over to the printer.

PrintSample3The specs say it cranks out 19ppm and it’s even rockin’ a Gigabit Ethernet port, although I’ve got mine hooked up via WiFi so it can stand alone. Another nice feature, this printer is designed for high-volume printing, supporting up to 40,000 per month which is perfect for a small office.

Setting up this printer had to be the easiest setup I’ve ever had in my history of installing and setup printers both wired and wireless.  I litterly took it out of the box, loaded up the toner, some paper, plugged it in, pressed the WPS (WiFi Protected Setup) button on the printer and the corresponding WPS button on my router and BAM it was on the network ready for a print job.

Then I fired up my Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Mobile Print App and was sending print jobs within minutes of plugging it in.

Piece of cake.

printerWebAdminEven adding the printer to my Mac was as simple as going to System Preferences -> Print & Scan -> click on the plus and it finds the printer on the network and I’m good to go.

There is even a web interface to the printer so that you can check the status, toner levels and maintenance info. The print quality is excellent and this is by far my most favorite printer I’ve ever owned hands down.

If you are in the market for a printer, before you pickup your next ink jet, check out a color laser as an option.

Bily Foster – That iPad Guy