ipad on stand with bt keyboard
UpStand with Bluetooth keyboard

The iPad is a great piece of hardware and if you own one you have probably wanted to prop it up at some point so that you don’t have to hold it in you hand.  Perhaps you are currently folding the Smart Cover back on itself to create a stand, as it is designed to.  That works but the inside of the cover, the part that touches the screen, gets dirty very easily…especially when used in the kitchen.  If you are considering purchasing a stand for your iPad the UpStand may well be just what you are looking for.

Designed by Just Mobile, who make a range of stylish accessories for mobile devices, the UpStand is precision engineered with a brushed aluminium finish making it look and feel very Mac-like.  With the iPad in place it looks like a little iMac and is the perfect match for the Apple wireless keyboard.

Rubber Grips Provide Support and Protection

The two small supports upon which the iPad stands are quite deep providing ample room for an iPad 1 or an iPad 2 with a Smart Cover attached. Instead of making the stand the exact depth as the iPad so as to make a snug fit, the UpStand makes use of thin rubber inlays to firmly grip and support the iPad.

UpStand in the Kitchen
Using the UpStand in the kitchen

The rubber fittings not only protect the bottom of the iPad where it rests on these two supports but there is also rubber on all surfaces that touch the iPad preventing the back of the device from being scratched.  You can feel at ease just grabbing the iPad, turning 90 degrees and plonking back on the stand without any concern of it touching the aluminium of the stand.  Once in the stand the rubber grips hold of the iPad tightly, allowing the screen and stand to be twisted left or right as if they are one.  The iPad and stand can be confidently picked up and moved with one hand without fear of the two coming apart.  A ring of rubber on the base also protects the surface the stand is placed on and prevents the UpStand from sliding about.

The position of the iPad when in the stand is high enough above the desk to allow the connector cable to be plugged in while in Portrait mode so that it can be charged while in the stand.

Stand Up, Stand Strong

One aspect that may cause hesitation in some buyers is that the UpStand is not adjustable, so the angle of the screen cannot be tilted up or down. However, the angle is such that I’ve found no need to alter it in the experiments I have carried out using the stand in a variety of different scenarios, whether placed in portrait or landscape position.

UpStand with iPad showing screws
Two screws at the top enable disassembly

The fact that the stand is a fixed solid piece and not adjustable actually adds to it’s sturdiness and could therefore be considered as a positive. The Home button, for example, can be confidently pressed without fear of the stand falling over.  Surprisingly, this is true not only when the iPad is positioned upright in portrait fashion when the Home button positioned at the bottom, but also when placed in landscape position, with the Home button on the side.

Being non-adjustable does mean that the UpStand is not able to be folded up to be carried around with you, though it can be disassembled via two screws to take up less room if packed in a bag for travelling.

The UpStand is Outstanding

The UpStand may seem a little bit pricy at $70 but is ideal for those who are looking for a stand that is both stylish and functional. For anyone who already has the Apple wireless keyboard and an iPad this is the perfect match.  With it’s precision engineered grade brushed aluminium the UpStand turns your iPad into a real iMac-like workstation.

iMac next to iPad
The UpStanding Mini iMac

It’s Outstanding!

…or should I say, UpStanding!

The UpStand can be ordered from the Just Mobile website.

Author: Vincent Brown
Web: www.vintuitive.com
Twitter: @Vintuitive
Flickr: Vintuitive