Review By Brad
Samsung Galaxy J2 By Boost mobile
Price $199

4.7 qHD super AMOLED Display
5MP Camera Autofocus 2MP on front.
1.3 GHz Quad core processor

What I like:
It easy use nice screen size. Also comes on Prepaid which good for those people who don’t want to be tied to a post-paid plan.
You can customise the screen to what you to see. Unlike an iPhone where you can only have app icons on your screen, with an Android phone such as the Galaxy J2 you can put widgets on your screen. This can include quick access to your calendar or your email or other apps such as your data.

I really like the screen – Samsung make great screens
Does it reach the whole face of the mobile? yes
Does it cut off at the top and bottom? It has a speaker at the top and a *Home* button down the bottom. So the screen doesn’t reach out to the full size of the phone, but it fills the maximum amount.
Does it have a physical ‘home’ button or is it on-screen? It has a physical home button, but then also has two ‘touch’ buttons for menus and navigation on each side of it. No ‘touch’ menu on the actual screen.
I like the iphone 6s better has better screen – why do you? In what way? Describe the difference to me hmm i have use iphone for a long time use to using the iphone
It is more clearer on phone.

What I don’t like about it? Not much don’t like – it’s a nice phone!
Apps I have been using during this test are:
Facebook & messenger
Foxtel go
Are the apps different than their iOS counterparts? They are sort of the same

Where you can buy it:
You can buy the Samsung J2 from JB HI FI

Also comes in 3 colors
Exclusive to Boost Mobile